Friday, September 18, 2009

Erev Rosh Hashana

I’m writing this on a bus coming home from a meeting in Yerushalaim. Because God runs the world, I was inspired to take a cab to the bus stop and therefore just just just caught the bus home so I’d be on time to pick up Llama. God rocks.

Sarah Rochel is doing very well in gan, bli ayin hara. Her ganenets all tell me how sweet and delightful she is, tell me she’s doing well learning Hebrew – and tell me on the two days a week she doesn’t go to afternoon tzaharon, she walks around the whole day talking about how happy she is that she isn’t going! That said, she seems to be totally okay with going too, but she definitely doesn’t mind coming home with the rest of her friends.

All in all, she’s just great. The only snafu lately has been her occasional night-wakenings when she asks to sleep in my bed, Yoav’s bed, on the couch, etc. Last night around 3:20 (item: I had gone to bed at 3) she came in, and Yoav returned her to her bed. And again at 3:40. He then woke up at 4:30 to go to slichos, give a shiur, etc, and when he came home at 7 Sroch was curled up on my pillow, and I had slid down the bed to give her room.

B”H bli ayin hara Llama is sleeping beautifully these days. Total, utter chessed from Hashem – thank you, thank you! Pretty much the only time she wakes up in the middle of the night is when Yoav is not there. It’s a Llama’s Law kind of thing.

The chassidishe lady sitting next to me just interrupted to ask how it is that I type so fast. I explained I’m on the computer all day, have had a computer since second grade (or thereabouts) and she’s like – wow, you must have been one of the firsts! Hmm, not exactly. I told her by now it’s painful to write by hand for any long length of time (true) and she was just amazed. Nice lady. Anyway…

Shualmis is BIG. Tomorrow night on Rosh Hashana she’ll be 11 months old – wow! She is standing holding on, cruising a bit too. She eats just about everything, and only my refusal to give her certain things that need more than 4/5ths of a tooth hold her back. She claps. She will come when you call, she is learning not to stand in the bathtub (still working on not eating the bubbles, and don’t get me started on pooping in the tub – okay, actually, yeah, tell me – when you have two kids in the tub and one poops and you’re the only adult around, what on EARTH is the protocol? Take two slippery kids out and put them on the floor while you clean the tub, then rebathe? Take two slippery kids out and put them in YOUR tub and leave the filthy one for Yoav to clean when he gets home? (Thanks Yoav!) It’s not simple!). She will do the official Infant Bye-Bye, which is saying ‘ba’ while curling her fingers towards her own body. She’s like lightning on one knee – I actually ‘lost’ her the other day. I set her down in the hallway, went to take care of something for Srochel, and could NOT find her in any of the bedrooms. She had darted into the living room and was up against the sliding glass door, waiting for someone to set her free!! If just the screen is closed, by the way, she opens it herself and goes out. (She doesn’t yet know to close it again behind her. I think that happens at like 14 months.)

She still has a few adorable mannerisms that I’m afraid she’ll outgrow soon. She still often does the little cough-giggle when she realizes she’s about to nurse. Putting her to bed for the night or a nap is like clockwork – nurse her for a few minutes, then she stops and waggles arms and legs like she’s dancing, nurse her more for a long while until she’s almost asleep. Detach – she rubs her left eye with her little fist. Put her down in her crib on her left side – she reaches for the pacifier, inserts it, lays still. That’s the drill. Works just like that 90% of the time, even though about half the time, after I leave the room she works herself into a position about 180 degrees from where she started. She still smacks her lips in anticipation of getting some of whatever food you’re eating. She has started cuddling, like a pre-hug, when she just wants a little bit of love. Most adorable. She’s so edible! I really need to get out boxes of clothes I put away from Sroch for her, since at this age Sroch was still wearing 9 month sizes, and this baby could be doing fine in some 12-18 months.

Bli ayin hara, even with the occasional “Mommy, Shulamis is BOTHERing me!” they still get along great. Poo poo poo.

Sarah Rochel has some specific mannerisms too, like insisting on a ‘treat’ to do something or stop doing something or to do something nicely. When I pick her up from gan and don’t have a treat made of at least 75% sugar, she is NOT amused. I am trying to inculcate the concept that she shouldn’t take it for granted, but it might be easier to teach other things to a three-and-a-half year old… like quantum physics.

While Llama is big, Sarah Rochel is such a PERSON. I look at her baby pictures and marvel, because I can hardly imagine a time when the elder Highness didn’t have as much of a gobsmackingly huge personality. What, she used to be non-verbal? Inconceivable!

Good thing I have a blog.

Anyway, a warm and wonderful (well, cool and rainy, please) new year to you all!

And so maybe I'm really proud of my corn beef carving:

Goot yuntiv!

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