Friday, September 25, 2009

Further advertures in the land of Druyanity

Sarah Rochel is so bright (bli ayin hara) and so gregarious and generally happy that it's very hard to assess just how good her Hebrew comprehension is. She's happy in gan and participates and seems to be doing fine - but she may be missing some salient details.

For example, she brings home a stick with a space for inserting either a cut out chicken, fish or paper coins. It's a kapparos toy, very cute (note - not such a great wiki article there). So I ask Sarah Rochel what it is. "A lollypop," she says. Hmmm...

She walks around singing songs from gan, but the words aren't clearly enunciated (and then of course, I don't know the songs either so I can't correct them). Still, the important part is she is happy and not stressed out about not understanding every little thing in gan. Baruch Hashem!

The gan just sent home today (several weeks into school already) a calendar (FINALLY, after I almost sent her to school last Friday when EVERYONE knows there's no school on erev Rosh Hashana - but I haven't downloaded the 'Everyone Knows This Stuff' file from their non-existent website yet) and a little booklet (produced not just for her gan but the entire network of ganim) with a summary of what they do all day, the language acquisition and concepts they're going to cover the whole year, etc, etc. It's wonderful - and it's rather educational for me to, as I never went to nursery school in Hebrew either. Yay!

Shulamis and I are working on 'hot' now (she really enjoys having her hand pulled away quickly - hard to know how much educational impact we're making here) and putting things into something and taking them out.

Bli ayin hara, her schedule is really great right now. She comes home at 1:30 every day but Sundays, and she LUNGES to nurse and nap, like "I'm happy Mom, but I need a nurturing snack and my own cribby in that order, and I want 'em now." So she's been napping from then to 3:30 or 4, which is great - on the days Sroch is out till 4 (three days a week) I get actual work done. And on the days Sroch comes home at 1:30, then we have Big Girl Private Time, unless of course Sroch goes to a friend's house - her social life now at 3 far exceeds mine at, say, 16.

Have a wonderful shabbos, ya'll, and if I don't get around to blogging before Yom Kippur (likely) then have a meaningful one. We'll be here in the living room all day - come on over!

Finally, you can see... THE TOOTH! Cute, huh?

This is Sroch and her friend Adina, who she has been spending A LOT of time with. She's fully bilingual, which is great. Erev Rosh Hashana first Adina came here for about 45 minutes... then they went back to Adina's house for 5 hours. I may have to have Sroch's last name changed (but "Ah, the Lichtensteinanity" is too long for a blog name).

All ready for bed! Lately I bathe them together, get them in pajamas, then send Sroch off to wait in the living room while I put Llama to bed. Then we have a book and tooth brushing outside, then in the room to bed. It works - much of the time.

Fresh Llama tracks. See, isn't this blog educational?

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