Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Other firsts of note, and videos

First: I just took up my needle to take in the neckline of one of Sarah Rochel's shirts, because it's just too open. I feel very Anne of Ingleside, although Anne never would have thought of me writing #AnneShirley, which is what I'd do if this was Twitter, but I digress...). So yes, I am staying up late at night to make my daughter's clothing more tzanua. A first, but I think not the last, not by a long shot. Have I mentioned she's only three?

First: Shulamis taught herself to clap! I can't even say she got it from me trying to teach her, not really. She just kinda figured it out! See triumphant picture below.

First: Shulamis got sick. Poor baby. BLI AYIN HARA, up to now she's really never been sick. Oh, she's had sniffles, and once or twice a fever, but she never acted really ill. Well, Sunday morning, I'm getting her ready to go, I have to boogie to auditions (more on that below) and take off her pajamas and... her stomach is covered in red spots! Alrighty then! But she's happy and fine, which does not suggest chicken pox, and she didn't recently have a crazy high fever, which rules out roseola. So off to the doc (so much for the first bit of auditions). It's a - brace yourself - virus! Expect her to get a fever, expect it to get worse before it gets better, etc.

And so, bring home our specimen of that new breed, the Spotted Llama. She did develop a fever eventually, poor thing, although not too high thank God. By hook and crook and babysitter (and husband who's amazing and fortunately isn't back to work full time yet) I managed to get to auditions that day and the next, and she didn't have fever much more than 24 hours. The spots spread. Oh, they spread. And after they faded, we went out in the sunshine for a couple hours, and they were like back and like whoa. But the next morning they were mostly gone, B"H. She's back at the metapelet, back sleeping better (the nights she was sick she was nursing every couple hours - you know, I hadn't missed that so much...), and is almost back to herself.

No more spotty Shlama. B"H!

First: I changed my name to Mildred! Well, I will. After not getting one of the grownup roles in our upcoming play (boo hoo!), I landed a part as a 12 year old girl named Mildred. And yes, we're doing a comedy. So exciting!

First: Shulamis's's' tooth is still only about 1/8th out. Sharp little thing. Fortunately, after enough spontaneous OUCHes from me, she seems to have stopped biting while nursing. Bli ayin hara. Ow....

First: We tested the integrity of our Joovy Caboose when pushed down the stairs! Happy to report - the straps are well designed and the snack tray acts as a roll bar of sorts, so B"H, Llama was only slightly scraped at her forehead, just above her eye.

Fortunately, Sarah Rochel had only just decided to 'help' and so while my back was turned for a moment, she pushed the stroller not realizing there were two steps from the building entrance to the street. I hear Sroch scream, a boy tells me she pushed the stroller, turn around... and quickly upright the stroller fully on top of my infant, quickly unbuckle baby and hold her with one arm supertight, while using the other arm to hold Srochel's head to me supertight, since she is screaming like a banshee way, way more than Llama.

Methinks she learned her lesson. Hope so, anyway! But that's how Llama got her shiner. Healed very quickly, thank God.

First: Cousins! First cousins, get it? Yoav's cousin Ezra and his wife Ilana came to Israel, so we had a bunch of fun hanging out at Gan Hapaamon in Yerushalaim. See next post for pictures.

And now.. videos. I am so behind. Forgive!

This was on the screen with Savta telling her about her new gan and the new tzaharon (afternoon program) which began today, which is multiple ages all mixed. She's very cute on the phone, especially when she decides she's done talking. There was more cute stuff before I turned the camera on, but isn't that always the way?

Note Sroch's way cool new socks.

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