Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sleepy and wakey Llama

Shulamis's's's nap schedule on a home day (like a Friday or shabbos or one of these holidays we've been having lately) is very different than on a school day. She pulls these great 2-3 hour naps in the morning, and then another 2 hours in the afternoon (sometimes).*

I don't remember why I had to wake her in this example, if it was a non-school day and she was coming up on 4 hours, or if it was (more likely) about to be 4 PM when I had to leave to pick up Sroch. Anyway...

Poor thing was VERY disoriented. She almost never wakes up crying like that, poor bunny. I hated doing it, but, alas, sometimes you have to.

And then a couple minutes later... much happier, albeit not willing to do any tricks. Nu nu, I tried!

*Our Yom Kippur day schedule:

6:30 AM - Llama wakes up.
9:00 AM - Llama goes down for a nap.
9:10 AM - Sroch wakes up (!!!).
12:00 PM - Llama wakes up.
3:30 PM - Llama goes down for a nap.
5:00 PM - Llama wakes up.

Bedtime was then around 8 for Llama, 9 for Sroch (who was too excited over Abba coming home from Mevaseret, where he spent Yom Kippur).

B"H Yom Kippur was really easy, in terms of my energy level and comfort, Baruch Hashem! And I got to daven five tfilos, thank God, several without any small people around me. All in all very satisfactory.

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rebekita31 said...

Rena also sleeps a lot more when shes home. she had THREE naps on YK! early morning, mid day and then late afternoon! BH both girls slept at the same time. So that meant Ima also slept!!!