Thursday, October 08, 2009

Almost one...

I was about to write a post (new motto - blogging: it's better than cleaning) about Llama's developmental level of 'doing stuff' now that she's, yikes!, almost one. And I was inspired to look back at my blogs of Sroch at the same age.

You can see all of the February 2007 posts, or just this one, with Sroch's first word list.

Inevitable comparisons? Check!

With Sarah Rochel, I didn't know what was normal, developmentally (well, except from books) and so I didn't think it unreasonable to try and teach my 11 month old where her nose was or to speak to her as if she understood. With Shulamis, because she is The Baby I think of her as The Baby and thus not yet ready for words, ABC's, body parts, pre-calculus, etc, etc.

Her turning one changes all that, because a one year old is NOT a baby. And let's not forget, I was reading by the age of 2, which I'm sure has something to do with all of this.

SO anyway, Shualmis's's's Current Word List:
1. Um! UM! UMMMMM!!!!!: this is a recent one. It means either 'food!' or 'general excitement!' which in her life, of course, usually means 'food!'
2. Buh: like bye-bye. She will wave bye-bye nicely as soon as you give up on her doing so on command.
3. Tongue-click / smack: obviously a sign of her proficiency in global languages. Means "look, I entertain you," or "gimme some of that food you got there, because, hey, I entertain you."
4. Abba. Abbababababa. A-buh: means Yoav. Maybe. I think so...
5. Mah / Muuh: Me. Right.
6. Wow! / Woah!: this is more 'general excitement that is not related to food.'

She is also developing a conscience, like when she stands up in the tub now, you just have to make a face at her and she shakes her head no and sits down. For about four seconds.

Thank God, she's been a lot healthier this year than Baby Sarah Rochel was (bli ayin hara!). Good thing too, cause unlike her big sister, Llama hates medicine. Now she has a bit of a cough, and I actually only gave her a partial dose of the expectorant tonight because I was tired of fighting to get it in her mouth. Sroch woulda taken for her, easy.

We (Big Sister and I) tried sending Llama down the slide at the park, but Llama was so clearly baffled as to WHY, if it's clearly a drop downward, you would do that on purpose, when we try to AVOID going over precipices? Of course, her avoidance of those is only downward. She climbed up our slide in the backyard today, all the way to the top. And then I took her down, because she hasn't the foggiest idea what to do once she's up there, much like her climbing onto our kiddie chairs and the couch, which she can do now!

Oh, and I let Sroch give her a piece of Bamba today. Somehow I managed to avoid nuts and chocolate for her for (just about) a full year, VERY impressive considering her big sister, She Who Eats Junk Food. Of course, I'm assuming here Llama has never picked up a piece off the floor when we were out of the house, or at the metapelet. But it's her first peanut exposure that I know of!

Hmm. Maybe that's why I've already had to go in her room twice since bedtime? Nah... I think it's the cough instead. Shoulda made her take the medicine...

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