Thursday, October 08, 2009

Ein Chemed (and a bonus Yeladudis video)

Bonus video from yesterday:

This morning after the promised thrill of Sroch and I organizing my closet (well, one shelf, and most of it is still laid out on the bed, but nu nu), we got our act together and went to the Ein Chemed national park.

It is SO great.

And it would have been greater with two parents there. Sarah Rochel was just... kvetchy. Titchy. Picky. Everything was stressful - me walking with the stroller too far ahead of her (four feet), being anywhere near the random camel waiting there to give people rides, being on the trail, being off the trail. She was more or less okay much of the time, but the capital-Q Kvetch was there beneath the surface at all times.

Still, we had a lovely time. Or I did, anyway. The natural spring was all but dried up - we did eventually find a little bit of running water (more like a moving puddle, but at one point it did cascade in a stunning two inch waterfall). Some of the natural rock formations reminded me strongly of the much-missed Pedernales area back in Texas. As a destination, it is VERY well done, with full wheelchair (and thus stroller) accessibility, lots of ropes to keep you from falling into the, ahem, rushing water, and even a decent playground (which is where we spent most of our time). I really hope to go back this winter when there will be water, and husband too.

The only time Sroch really perked up was in the cool Crusader-era farmhouse ruin that's on the grounds. I started explaining to her that it was 1200 years old (-ish) and you can learn things from what is left, like the hole in the ceiling meant they cooked or had a heating fire there, etc. So then she started telling ME what I saw (and what was cute was not what she was saying, but the authority with which she said it). Hope it came out well - it was like the dark ages in there.

(Sorry, couldn't help it.)

Look! Water! Really!

Note Sroch's expression of abject fear because I had stepped away from her posing on the 'turtle' in the 'stream.' I asked why she was scared. She said the camel. Item: the camel was a five minute walk the other way and was nowhere in sight.

This is the outside of our crusader house.

Millstones: crusader playpens.

Sroch the tourguide explains it all...

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