Sunday, October 11, 2009

Silly and sweet

Sarah Rochel started telling me a story at dinner, and I asked if I could get the camera and video it. She kindly agreed. She made it up all by herself, and truly, out of thin air as far as I can tell. I am most impressed that the stirring in Ramat Beit Shemesh is loud enough to be heard in America:

By the way, I am really impressed with her grasp of geography. She understands that America is so far away and over a big ocean, so you can't drive (she really wants to take a boat, though). She knows Uncle Boaz lives in the same part of America as Saba and Savta, and Uncle Micah lives in the same part as Bubbie and Zayde, AND she understands those two parts are far away too. (Sometimes she remembers one is New York and one is Houston or Texas.) She did ask, however, why Abba wasn't going to be going to see Bubbie and Zayde upon leaving Saba and Savta.

Speaking of which, she has asked why Yoav is there, and I told her because Saba needed him more than we did. She asked why, and I said because he was sooo sad. And not only was that all she asked about it (I am willing to talk to her about death, but she didn't ask, so I do NOT feel compelled to bring it up), but she was magnanimous enough to be happy to 'share' Abba. I was really, really proud of her.

Our Simchas Torah was a bit of a challenge, although our neighbors were terrific and hosted us for meals, danced with Sarah Rochel in shul and so on. But it is hard for a father not to be with his children on this particular holiday, and vice versa. Both girls also missed Kol Hanearim (unlike previous years) but please God, there will be many, many more yom tovim we spend together, amen!

Anyway, here's some sleeping Llama action (that's the sweet part).

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Anonymous said...

Someone had WAY too much fun with the labeling option on that there video !

Almost as much fun as the cutie with the labelled food bits in her various facial orifices !

- Spooked by the incredible self mixing fork.