Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Trying to keep busy.... and have a good time

Well, we miss Abba! Someone asked me today how we were coping without him. The answer is we're fine - bli ayin hara, the kids have been relatively angelic - it's just not as festive here as Sukkos should be.

Anyway, Monday (first day sans padre) we basically drove to Yerushalaim, stayed there for 10 minutes, then drove back (long story), then went to a park in Beit Shemesh with the Kaplans. Poor Sroch - I told her it was a NEW park next to the fire station (reaction: gleeful squeals!), but when we arrived she informed me she'd already been there with her gan last year when they went on their field trip to the aforementioned. Oh. But she enjoyed it anyway. Across the street from there is an army memorial to all the Beit Shemesh fallen soldiers (I think) which was nice and peaceful and quiet, and also deserted, useful since I nursed the baby behind the monument.

Tuesday Sarah Rochel played at a friend's house in the morning (item: when Sroch is stalling bedtime, she will say things like, "But I didn't go to a friend's house today!" to which I usually reply something like, "Yes you did, for four hours"), and then we went to Yeladudis. (The kid's concert we wanted to attend was cancelled due to slight rain.) I had forgotten that Llama would be old enough to enjoy it, but she loved it! Special thanks to Talia the Shana Better for not only coming but taking all the pictures (camera had fallen to the bottom of the bag and I couldn't find it).

Then today Sarah Rochel wanted to go to Yerushalaim. But Sroch, we already went to Yerushalaim. "No, we didn't! I want to go where SAVTA goes, where she DOES THINGS!"

Oh. The mall!

But first, she had a 5 hour play date with Adina. Bless that family! And then... we went to the mall, and ate cookies, watched people, drank an AMAZING peach sorbet fruit drink thing at Re:Bar (I am now obsessed - the girls and I were almost fighting over drinking it, and the bonus was not only did both kiddos get large fruit servings out of it, but it totally filled me up. Feeding three people for 25 shekel in the mall is VERY impressive!), played in the Gymboree-like area in front of Shilav, bought some little pizzas, watched a rabbit for two minutes, nursed in the parking lot - and came home.

On tomorrow's exciting schedule... um, maybe the grocery store? Organizing my closet? The park? Dunno.

At the park. Note Sroch so proud of herself for how high she climbed, and indicated how much higher she will climb still (especially after she made me come up to spot her the first time - but only the first time).

At Yeladudis. Llama liked to crawl over to squishy things and lay her head on them. Llama: I will cuddle with anything that will stay still. It's a new phase, and it's VERY cute.

Sorry about my formatting issues. And then this is at the mall today. Notice Sarah Rochel about to pose with the giant Playmobil man, except seconds later she knocked the whole thing over. Clatter. Fortunately, the mall was so noisy the attendant didn't even turn around.

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