Monday, October 12, 2009

Unrelated to Srochs and Llamas - Shlock Rock is now pay what you want

Attention music lovers!

Beit Shemesh resident and paragon of Shlock, Lenny Solomon, has just
released an amazing new album called "Shlock Rock - No Limits."

In an amazing move, however, allows you to download the
new album for the low price of.... whatever you want!

Want to pay $5? It's yours. Want to pay $10? It's yours. Want to pay
$450? You won't be turned down! Want to pay $20,000? Well, if you

12 ORIGINAL songs* - pay what you want - delivered immediately to your
computer. It's amazing!

By all means, support a Beit Shemesh local, but more than that, treat
yourself to an amazing, great new album.

*I personally love Shlock Rock parodies, but Lenny's original stuff is awesome AND when you walk down the block whistling it no one
thinks you're whistling a secular song that sounds just like it! Not
that there's anything wrong with that.

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