Tuesday, November 03, 2009

1 AM

Yoav just came home (!) and we were talking a bit, and I told him how I'm amazed that I have so much to do, and that a did a ton of stuff today, and yet I STILL have so much to do!

Which is why I keep going so long between blog posts, thus leaving you staring at my you-think-I-abuse-my-children post for a full week.

My apologies.

As a follow up, God is good (duh) and Sroch behaved herself again for a few days (the day after that previous debacle, I asked a few times if she wanted to discuss it and she said no). Last night it threatened to begin again... and besides (quietly) asking God not to do this to me again, I (audibly) asked Hashem to please help Sarah Rochel sleep so she will have koach (strength) and be healthy and so on. And it didn't help in two seconds, but it did help.

Or God did help. Well, all of the above. :)

Tonight bedtime was, pardon me, dreamy. Thanks Hashem!

Been quite busy with play rehearsals, and tickets go on sale tomorrow, yay!

In other news, Shulamis got a THIRD tooth sometime on shabbos afternoon (seriously, it was NOT there in the morning, but was there by nightfall) - first top tooth! It's coming in slowly, and thank God doesn't seem to be bothering her much at all. Judging by the appearance of the gums right alongside, another will be her shortly as well.

Shulamis also now knows exactly where my nose is (and Yoav's too), occasionally knows where our teeth are, and says 'yah.' Oh, and we had a claim over shabbos that she also said 'Eryl' (i.e. Cheryl) but I did not, personally, witness that one.

Sarah Rochel in the last few days voluntarily went up to people and spoke to them in full Hebrew sentences. Yahooey, or as we say in Hebrew, "Fantastie!"

And WINTER CAME. We hope she stays. Tons of wind and some rain and thunder and lightening. God, since clearly you read this blog, please send oodles and oodles more rain, amen.

Now some pictures. I am so behind, whine whine, good night!

As you see, we went from crazy hot to winter in about a week's time.

And now, poof, instant winter!

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