Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Log - end of day 1, beginning of day 2

Mommy 3:00 PM - 2 acetaminophen
Llama 5:00 PM - consume chocolate chip cookie, fully one half of food consumed today
Llama 5:45 PM - feeling warm again, fight syringe of Motrin
Llama 6:00 PM - fall asleep on Mommy without nursing
Mommy 6:10 PM - is it getting colder in here?
Mommy 6:15 PM - is it snowing in here? Take temperature: 101 Fahrenheit.
Mommy 6:20 PM - retire to couch, there to shiver and tremble until husband arrives home (with Sroch who got dinner and a bath at a friend's house) who administers...
Mommy 6:30 PM - 3 ibuprofen
Mommy 7:15 PM - tremors stop, circulation returns to fingers, still a little cold
Mommy 8:00 PM - blessed sweat of fever broken, combined with chicken soup
Mommy 10:00 PM - to bed
Mommy 11:45 PM - awoken by shivering
Mommy 11:50 PM - 3 ibuprofen thoughtfully left next to my bed along with water, because we knew this would happen
Mommy 12:20 AM - shivering tremors stop
Mommy 1:00 AM - repeat of blessed sweat of broken fever
Llama 1:00 AM - awake, crying
Llama 1:15 AM - struggle, albeit less, to down syringe of Motrin. Little nursing, lot of cuddling. Armpit temperature readings are 102.4 on one side, 103.9 on other side.
Llama 1:40 AM - cry that (hopefully) means fever broke, now I'm sweaty. Go in, little bit of nursing, lots of cuddling, back in cribby to, hopefully, sleep
Llama 1:58 AM - happy sounds as we play in our crib
Mommy 2:02 AM - finish blogging all this :)
Llama 5:00 AM - wake up unhappy. I send in Yoav because...
Mommy 5:00 AM - wake up freezing cold again. Frantically try to do mental calculations if I can take more medicine. Give up on math, just take 2 ibuprofen.
Mommy 6:00 AM - fever mostly gone, head pounding
Llama 6:30 AM - comes to Mommy, just lays still on me.
Llama 7:00 AM - nurse a little bit
Llama 7:10 AM - rectal temperature of 104.7. This is getting out of hand.

Highlights omitted: Sarah Rochel telling me she wants to be on me instead of Shulamis, wishing she were Shulamis, "I want to come out of your belly second not first," and so on.

Sick us, en route to doc's appointment this morning (I wore the girl because she would NOT let me put her down). I still need to go to my doctor tomorrow, but no appointments are available. Still, think I'll go anyway. My throat is killing me.


Zayde said...

Dear ones,

Were I there I would gladly accept the fever, chills, yuck, etc., for you all, but praise unto the Most High, who has caused the invention of antipyretics. A refuah schlema to you all, with my prayers for your speedy recovery. Drink plenty of fluids and replenish your electrolytes (or are they electric lights?)...and next time ask my permission BEFORE you get sick!

Anonymous said...

Shalom to all, Refuah Shlema Umehira to Miriam and both S"R, wish we could be there to help. Meanwhile our thoughts, prayers, love and kisses from afar are with you, Imma
P.S. in the photo it seems Miriam is more miserable than the young S"R.