Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Last week Llama was sitting in my lap as we got undressed for the bath. Then, suddenly, my lap was very warm, and very wet. I was so, SO surprised I gasped rather loudly (I think I thought I was suddenly bitten by the slobbering warm blooded bathroom snake or something) and I totally scared Shulamis. Sroch and I tried to reassure her, something challenging to do while simultaneously impressing on her that I wouldn't like this to happen again in the future.

Last night, I hear crying from the kids' room. I think it's Llama scrounging for her pacifier, but after a minute or two I notice it's just not. It's Sarah Rochel, sitting up in her bed. Bad dream? Dunno. She was wide eyed but not conscious enough to tell me anything. She wasn't calming either, so I took her into my room and tucked her into Yoav's bed. Crying, crying. I take her onto my lap sitting on the bed... And suddenly the warm sweetness that is a 3 year old in fuzzy footie pajamas became a warm wet sweetness.

Harumph! Fortunately, I stood up fast enough that Yoav's bed stayed dry. So we both stood there dripping for a few moments (at least she woke up enough to stop crying!) then everyone got a change of clothes. She went right back to sleep too.

... There are things about infants I miss.

This ain't one of them.

(Neither is Llama's little 11:30 PM-2 AM sleep for two minutes, up for twenty minutes cycling last night, for that matter... yawn... In the end, Sarah Rochel slept in Yoav's bed, I slept in my bed, Yoav slept in the recliner with Llama, until Sroch woke me at 4:30 to ask to go to her bed (!), at which point she climbed on top of Yoav in the chair, who woke a little later, put both unconscious kids in their beds and finally got to bed at 5.)


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rebekita31 said...

We LOVE our children. BH BH BH for the sleepless nights. Rena is going through a phase of waking up between 2-4am for a bottle (we have the water bottle prepared from before hand and just need to add the formula). We put Esti in a bed (!) and shes been getting OUT of be early! I really mean it when I say I LOVE my children!