Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Quarter-sick day

Yesterday as you know, Llama was sporting a 104+ fever in the early AM (!!), but by noontime was fever free and happy. And thank God, it stayed that way, and she even went back to the metapelet today! It's such a gift how children heal quickly. She's still a bit unsettled - like she just woke up to nurse for about 45 seconds before falling back asleep - but okay, thank God!

And as for me... Well, the strep test came back negative (harumph!) but upon consult with the doc I am remaining on the antibiotics somewhat since we don't know what was making me ill but since I've started to improve, it may have been some bacterial infection somewhere. So on the penicillin I stay. This morning I was no longer feverish (thank you God!) but was still weak and sore of throat. By afternoon most of the weakness was gone (thank you God again!) and by now (nighttime) my energy is fine, my throat is horribly sore (along with attending neck pain and even some pain radiating to my ear) but is not as bad as it was... so thank God, we're on the mend!

Did I mention thank God?

And so here is our scene at dinner tonight.

I served lasagne (that I had taken outa the freezer - please, let's not overstate my recovery here):

One piece for Srochel. One piece for me. One partial piece of the inside softer pieces for Llama.

Srochel ate half her piece.

Llama ate three-quarters of my piece.

Llama and I then split her piece, Sroch's leftovers, and my remaining shreds. :)

Note that Sarah Rochel has already lost sufficient interest in eating that she's coloring.

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