Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Update on we the ill

After Llama's impressive 104 temperature earlier today, we dosed her around 9 AM with Acamol (instead of Motrin), her fever went down... and bli ayin hara, it's been gone ever since. I did give her another dose around 3 PM prophylactically, but thank God - she was doing much better. Yay!

Good thing too, since her strep test came back negative.

I crawled off to the doctor this morning, and she took a look at my throat and says she thinks it IS strep - yay, strep is TREATABLE - and so while my culture results won't be ready until tomorrow, I'm on antibiotics already. Didn't stop the evil shivers and tremors this afternoon, though, which only abated when I popped acetaminophen a mere two hours after taking ibuprofen.

So - it's acetaminophen for the win! Yay!

Thanks to God and the two seminary girls who came over today, made dinner, picked up Sroch, bathed the kids, washed dishes, etc, etc.

Sroch is unsettled but was really quite good until bedtime, when from her bed she started shouting NO, NO, NO! really loudly. So I had to stay in their room singing until she fell asleep, which only took a half hour or so. :) (And then wide-awake-'hey-I'm-not-feeling-yucky-so-I-have-energy!' Llama had to cry for a couple minutes on her own, sorry kid!)

So I grimace as I swallow, and bid thee all goodnight! IY"H tomorrow we'll all be doing much, much better.

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rebekita31 said...

So we are also having our bouts of sickness....girlies and Tatty had colds over the weekend. And now Ima got it. As Ari said, "Imas aren't suppose to get sick!!" I am alternating between Zicam and Aleeve.... my nose just became stuffed! My chicken soup is boiling now. FEEL BETTER!