Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Winter is finally here, and by 'winter' I mean 'when it gets coldish at night and in the morning it will be much warmer outside than in my apartment.'

The occasional booger attack notwithstanding, thank God we're all well. Well, I think we are. Something has been causing Llama to wake up a lot at night lately, but whether it's 13-month-old separation anxiety, teething, sniffles or God-forbid something ewwy like worms, we don't know.

So, we're mostly well, but no complaints.

Last shabbos it rained a little bit (YAY!) and as soon as it did, Sarah Rochel left the shabbos table and walked to the bookshelf:

"I need to get my siddur so I can say todah to Hashem for the rain."

I love love love love love the Israeli attitude towards rain, which is the Jewish attitude, which is that rain = only good = God. Having grown up in a land of much rain myself (forecast for Houston for 10 months a year - afternoon thundershowers), my very soul thirsts for it (to say nothing of my skin), but here it's such a tangible, direct-from-God gift. And we certainly need more of it (and not just because the new excess water tax added 120 shekel to my last bill).

Shulamis is now a capital-p Person. She talks very deliberately, if not always understandably (or almost ever, actually, but we're getting there). She's learning things every day, which sounds so trite but it's true. Like she picks up hats and knows to put them on her head, my head. She knows 'nose' and 'teeth.' She gets a sippy cup in bed now. She colors with the Magnadoodle (well, she tries). She says 'um' for food and 'up' for up (sometimes) and 'poop' (sometimes) and her bye-byes are much more regular and focused.

She has stood a couple of times but it seems it was accidental, since she looked very surprised - and then dropped to her diaper clad landing pad. She is seriously thinking about using her walker for actual forward motion, but isn't quite convinced yet. Her four teeth are almost all the way in (and that's quite enough teeth for now, thank you!) (ow).

And of course, she's old enough to bother Sarah Rochel, as she was doing by her mere presence when I took this picture:

She who was bothering:

She only 'bothers' her when she's directly taking her toy / crayon OR when she's in the middle of the room when Sroch and friends are making a 'show' - "No she can't be the baby / kinderlach because we already have someone being the baby / kinderlach and Immmmaaaa she's BOTHERING me!" Such exciting milestones!

Speaking of milestones, Sroch's big parent-teacher evening was on Sunday last... at the same time as a dress rehearsal for me. Frowny face. I went for ten minutes, long enough to collect the art projects Sroch made for me (place mat for my theoretical morning coffee, coffee-cup shaped pad of paper for writing her mitzvah notes, etc), to make the art project I had to leave for her and of course the lollipop they provided to leave in her drawer. It was also long enough to hear her teachers gush about her wonderfulness and how she brightens up the classroom, and long enough for one of the mothers I don't know to say, "Oh YOU'RE Sarah Rochel's mother - we hear so much about her!"

Nachas, nachas, poo poo poo.

They also prepared a little questionnaire for each child, so we could read the answers. Did you know Sroch's favorite thing Mommy does is waking her up? And she wishes I would buy her a 'sun game' (when questioned later, she was all "right, a sun I can play with." Oh). She's scared of lions, laughs when tickled, cries when hit, and loves her Abba. Aww...

This blog post was just interrupted by...
-Srochel wetting her bed for the third time in a week (we are NOT amused. Must stop letting her drink so much at night)
-Llama stopping to moan in her sleep and properly waking up. Yoav's surmise was it was her stuffed nose (which isn't so stuffed at all), so we get the humidifier going. She also felt a tiny bit warm to me, so we changed her diaper, pulled out the flashlight and did a worm check (blech) - B"H, no indications - and since we haven't the foggiest what's bothering her...
-A milestone for me: I have administered medicine to my child in a non-oral preparation. Aren't you proud of me?

Yoav is in there with her now, because Llamas do NOT like to be held by Mommies who aren't nursing them. Sroch is already back asleep after her sheet, blanket, underwear and pajama change (and trip to the toilet).

Lastly, I have just deleted some 1000 pictures from the camera, so once again I am flush with memory and hope to get you some good videos soon.

Here is Sroch doing some work in her 'get ready for Kindergarten' workbook - isn't that good drawing? In all sincerity, I am thinking of getting her a smidgen of OT for her fine motor stuff, as most of her peers color and cut better than she, and hey, it's free.

And here we are washing our socks and dress out in the sink, after we came home from school having colored on our own clothing. Thank you God for sending me ganenets who use washable markers.

And you should see her hair when it's wet - it is LONG!


Yaffa/Yitz said...

I almost always give my babies the suppository Acamol. So much easier. Except when they poop afterward and you're left wondering how much, if any, was absorbed. Ahh, good times. Also, OT probably isn't free since she's over 3 years old. But it's not expensive, either, and if she needs it...go for it.

Debbie Firestone said...

please, pray tell, explain to me what is wrong with that picture? it looks absolutely on par for her age wise. you don't really expect her to be making those fancy petal shapes right? the fact that the petals she made are so small, tells a lot about her find motor skills.

Miriam the Mommy said...

Yaffa, the second time I gave it to her she squeezed it right back out! What's up with THAT? It shouldn't be allowed...

Debbie, I think it's great, that's why I posted it. BUT last year and this year's ganenets both told me she's not so good at drawing or cutting, compared to her peers. But thanks, that makes me feel better. :)