Thursday, December 24, 2009


This is underneath a Hashmonaim (Maccabi) era house, in what was a massive water cistern but later became storage / residence. Cool square pillars and wow, just really neat. Sroch as always was even cuter before we began the filming...

Lighting with Cheryl...

General merriment (thanks to Talya for filming, as well as for washing dishes, babysitting, cleaning, etc - we couldn't live without her!):

(they mamish just uploaded, so may not work yet)

Ketchup: it was always my favorite

So much to catch up on. I blame Facebook (patooey! There, I admitted it!) for keeping me from blogging; when I feel the need to capital-s Share, I do a blurb there, rather than a proper post here.


So here's a recap of, gosh, a lot of stuff.

(and I should be working now. Shhh....)

Chanuka was truly lovely, largely because Yoav got off of work every day at 3 PM. Oh, wow, I can SO get used to that. Every day I had rehearsals from 9 to 2 PM, so it wasn't so productive work-wise (sigh) but it was good clean fun! We really enjoyed spending so much family time, and we even had time to have a bunch of seminary girls over one night (for brownies and cookies and sufganiot), a bunch of yeshiva boys over another (for chili and hotdogs and guacamole and sufganiot), to go out to felafel (and sufganiot) another night - it was really, really nice.

The play! Rehearsals are proceeding, first show is on Monday (!), and it's really going to be great, thank God. More stuff about that the next time I post, or go on Facebook now. (Man, gotta dump Facebook...)

Srochelbean continues to be wonderful. Example:

When looking at a picture of the immodest Ariel the Mermaid (careful, link shows her in her animated decadence)(who we have discussed previously is not 'tzanua' (modest), Sarah Rochel said, "She's not tzanua because she doesn't have a kookoo" (ponytail). Um, yes, well, indeed, amongst other things...

She's a total and utter delight, that child - when she's well rested. When she's not, she's a total and utter delightful kvetchpot.

We went ahead and switched her into a booster seat, being sure to pretty flowers attached to its otherwise boring brown fabric first. She's very happy with it, and now Llama is forward facing in the purplecarseat (all one word).

Llamaloo is growing so fast. Words include "beh" for book, "bye bye" for "I noticed someone has opened the door or is trying to put my coat on."

We have caught her standing a few times, but she still won't do it on purpose. No rush. She's just 14 months old now (which is when Sroch started walking but we are NOT comparing!) so there's plenty of time. She's sleeping well these days... um, ish. She sleeps very well except for the hour or so she's awake in her crib about half the nights, when she cries very little, but would like very much for someone to sit with her. Working on that one. It may be teething; #7 came in a couple weeks ago. But why is she only teething from 3 to 4 AM?

Taka, in terms of sleeping, it's been a strange week. The kids have been going to bed on time, but each have been waking up once in the night either for an hour of intermittent talking and kvetching (Llama) or to go to the bathroom (Sroch, and 9/10 times in the actual bathroom - this week we had one "ackident"). But then they've both been waking up at 8 AM! I mean, hurray and all, but it's been a big rush in the mornings, less work getting done, etc, etc (because why would I wake up before they do?) (I know, I know... use the alarm clock... sigh).

We went on a tiyul Friday the last day of Chanuka, when Sroch had no gan, to Beit Govrin. It was so, SO fantastic - everyone liked it (well, Sroch didn't want to go into the darker caves "because they are dark and that's scary for me" - the flashlight we gave her helped). Loads of fun, and we didn't see a quarter of it; we'll go back again, IY"H.

And that's about it for the moment! Videos I'll load later, IY"H, now for pictures:

Llama lighting her menorah (with a little help).

Cheryl came over one night to play. Sroch insisted on lighting with her help (instead of Abba's) that night.
With the guests we played Chanuka Bananagrams - all words had to somehow relate to Chanuka. We got creative... (and spelled some things wrong, oops).
Sroch with her new floor puzzle and the new Sesame Street toys she set up to watch her (thanks for the new toys Saba and Savta!).
Lighting on first night (before shabbos, hence the fanciness).
Llamoosh is very yummy in her winter hat.
Sroch's solo puzzle skills are improving dramatically.
Doesn't Llama look old here, playing with a friend and everything?! (Srochel was under the blanket.)
Shulamis almost exclusively wants to self feed now. Messy, but effective. Sarah Rochel, on the other hand, I still have to chase around the room spooning into her mouth.

Yummy sisters.


In the columbaria on tiyul.... (note Llama posing for the camera, and Srochel hurting her eyes staring into her flashlight).

Friday, December 11, 2009

Sarah Rochel on parade

Cheetos in Israel now produces a most excellent dolphin shaped cheesy snack (which of course, is non-dairy). Here is Sarah Rochel dancing with the same, with a sorta transcription beneath:

Dolphin swimming in the water, okay, okay and now chomp, now you can't see... You can't see what? The head. Why? Cause... listen! And then, cause somebody ate the head... Who ate it? Me! And then I ate another piece, and who was it who ate the other one... Who ate the rest of that dolphin? And now I don't have a dolphin... (etc, etc, quick shot of Llama posing for the camera, then...) Mazal tov, la la la la la, mazal tov, la la la la la. You're singing the birthday song (they had been practicing birthdays in gan, in advance of the first set of them last week) to the dolphin? Yeah! The dolphin, la la la la la, the dolphin, la la la la la.

Then we discussed fashion.

There's no way I can transcribe the next video. It started as Sarah Rochel singing one of the Ani Maamin (note: article not checked for heretical content!) with all kinds of other Hebrew things and camp songs ("we want mashiach!") mixed up therein, and then turned into a general discussion of the coming of mashiach and the rebuilding of the beis hamikdash, oh, and Shulamis's's face when she's posing for the camera. My favorite part is how the beis hamikdash is going to be rebuilt in the middle of the kotel and the koisel. :)

Oh - and turns out I have atypical pneumonia in one lung! Who knew? Well, I did, cause I've been coughing for two weeks. Oh. On antibiotics, feeling pretty good, thank God!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Llama and the nail brush

This from a few days ago, the 24 hours when she had 5 teeth and not 6. I was quite hoarse then. Wait, I still am...

She found the nail brush and was brushing her hair with it, so I got the camera. So she stopped. Sigh.

Srochel video coming tomorrow, IY"H.

Friday, December 04, 2009

For posterity - bedtime

Thanks to the cousin Beans for reminding me I wanted to do my own bedtime routine blogging.

Srochel's routine is fairly unchanged for some time - bath, pajamas, teeth, books, bed. Basically, since OOL (Onset Of Llama), her bath is shared, teeth are almost never in the bathroom but wherever we chase her around the house (kinda like feeding her, hmm. This means so much for working on spitting and rinsing), and books are often with her on the couch in the living room, and she looks at them first alone while I nurse and put the baby to bed. She doesn't get sung to nearly as much anymore, probably because I don't want to wake the baby who often falls asleep first. She also doesn't ask for songs as much anymore. :(

Llama's is also fairly unchanged since she was born - bath, pajamas, teeth - sorta (although number 6 emerged today), rarely a book, nursing with the same two songs every weekday (on shabbos and holidays seasonal songs are added), then into the cribby.

Sometimes they get books together, when they both stand in the crib and I stand in front of them, reading librarian-style. But Shulamis at 13 months doesn't have nearly the patience for books that Sroch at that age did. Llama is still more interested in bending them over backwards and possibly tasting them than listening to them.

Shulamis gets sung 'Hamalach' and then a version of 'Down in the Valley' which I remade the lyrics for. (Aside - there are lots of other songs I want to remake the lyrics for to lullabize them, like the "Storybook Love" song from the 'Princess Bride' soundtrack.... but I just don't find the time...) I didn't know the real lyrics, so I looked them up online, and frankly they're quite miserable (lots of versions abound, I think I found one that alluded to being in jail because he murdered his lost love, something like that) so this is what I made up:

Down in the valley, valley so low (X4)
Hang your head over, let the wind blow (X2)
The sun has gone, dear, the sun has gone
The sun has gone, dear, the day is done
It's time for sleep now, to sleep you must go (X2)
The moon is high, love, the moon is high
In the night sky, love, the moon is high
It's time for sleep now, to sleep you must go (X2)
Roses love sunshine, violets love dew
Heaven and earth they know I love you
Know I love you, dear, know I love you
Heaven and earth they know I love you
Down in the valley, valley so low
Down in the valley, valley so low

Which reminds me, all you womenfolks out there please check out my excellent friend Tamar Rudy's new lullaby CD called "Laylabyes" (get it? 'Night' in Hebrew is 'laila'). It's only for women (and kids, natch), and it's totally wonderful and not just because I wrote the lyrics for one of the songs. Makes a great Chanuka gift! And I am just about able to not cry every single time I hear it, thank you very much.

Here's a couple pictures of Miss Toothy, not that you can see more than the 4. But she really does now have six, four on top and two on the bottom. The top ones are all big and broad, and the bottom ones are tiny little spikes, it's adorable. And when she gets cold after the bath they do chatter adorably.

Note that we're eating a peanut butter sandwich in our pajamas. When she wakes up in the morning (and alas, sometimes when she wakes up at night, although thank God that's improving since her cold is all but gone (but then again, she got a ton of vaccinations today, so...)) she nurses, and then she is READY FOR FOOD RIGHT NOW THANK YOU. A peanut butter sandwich usually does the trick.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009


...tooth #5 reared it's head (um, actually it's tail, technically, or maybe it is the head but since it's upside down - oh, whatever!) today!

Think that's what's been bothering her? Gosh I hope so, because I would forever feel guilty weaning during flu season...


7:00 PM - Llama to bed, and sleep
7:30 PM - Sroch to bed (with babysitter), and sleep
9:30 PM - babysitter hears cry, finds Sroch on the floor (fell out of bed?). Puts her back in her bed. Later hypothesizes to me at 10 PM that Sroch was en route to bathroom and fell, and her bed may be wet. Nonsense, say I - if her bed was wet, Sroch would have awoken.
10:00 PM - Llamafreak (TM) begins. Babysitter holds her, fervently wishing for...
10:10 PM - Mommy arrives, takes Llama, nurses Llama. Llama back to bed.
11:05 PM - Llamafreak (TM) restarts. Mommy enters room, shushes, and checks on Sroch, who...
11:06 PM - Sroch is awakened by Mommy attempted to remove soaking wet bedding. Off to bathroom, change pajamas, change underwear, change sheets
11:10 PM - Sroch complains about choice of sheets. Mommy has little patience.
11:15 PM - Sroch back in bed, Llamafreak (TM) continues. Mommy manages to calm her down by holding her and singing (usually Llamas ONLY let Mommies calm them down when there is nursing involved).
11:20 PM - Llama asleep in arms.
11:22 PM - Llama back in crib.
11:25 PM - Llamafreak (TM) resumes.
11:30 PM - Mommy brings Llama a dose of ibuprofen, since she has no fever, she's not stuffed up at all, but clearly SOMETHING is bothering her (phantom teeth?) so we will medicate.
11:40 PM - Llamafreak (TM) winding down, alas Llama is alone in her room at this point, because otherwise we were gonna have Mommyfreak (patent pending) and this would be bad for all parties.
11:45 PM - Llama quiet, presumably asleep.
Many (snort) blissful hours pass.
5:00 AM - Sroch comes crying into our room. The problem? "I want a new room. I don't want to sleep in MY room. I want a PINK room!" I take her to the bathroom, we make plans for her to call her friend Pesha in the morning to discuss pink bedrooms. She is about to bug out at mention of going back to bed, I fear for Llamafreak - the Revenge (TM), so I wake up Yoav to take her back to bed (sorry honey).
5:30 AM - Llama wakes up. Naturally. I go in, Sroch has thoughtfully already come to the door to tell us she's up. I tell Sroch to go get in my (germ-ridden, sigh) bed, I nurse baby.
5:50 AM - Llama back in bed, Sroch (appears to be) asleep in my bed. I try to sleep for about three minutes in the guest room, realize futility, come into living room to work. Well, I'll just blog first...
6:00 AM - commence blogging
6:05 AM - Sroch pads out to tell me it IS morning. I send her to the couch to rest some more, because it's not morning yet. She tells me she wants to sleep on the couch, she can even cover herself. Great. She now interrupts me typing literally every twenty seconds. And I think I hear Llama moaning in her room.


Good thing they're cute.

Llama has a cold and indeterminate teething. We took her to the doc on Thursday, and again yesterday - just a cold. Sroch is going through a spate of bedwetting, which if it continues we'll test for a UTI I guess.

I am feeling much better from my cold, even if I sound like an octogenarian smoker, and I mean one who's been smoking thistles dipped in tar and rolled in asbestos for 80 years.

IY"H within a week or so we'll be back to our regularly scheduled sleeping. Something to daven for!!