Friday, December 04, 2009

For posterity - bedtime

Thanks to the cousin Beans for reminding me I wanted to do my own bedtime routine blogging.

Srochel's routine is fairly unchanged for some time - bath, pajamas, teeth, books, bed. Basically, since OOL (Onset Of Llama), her bath is shared, teeth are almost never in the bathroom but wherever we chase her around the house (kinda like feeding her, hmm. This means so much for working on spitting and rinsing), and books are often with her on the couch in the living room, and she looks at them first alone while I nurse and put the baby to bed. She doesn't get sung to nearly as much anymore, probably because I don't want to wake the baby who often falls asleep first. She also doesn't ask for songs as much anymore. :(

Llama's is also fairly unchanged since she was born - bath, pajamas, teeth - sorta (although number 6 emerged today), rarely a book, nursing with the same two songs every weekday (on shabbos and holidays seasonal songs are added), then into the cribby.

Sometimes they get books together, when they both stand in the crib and I stand in front of them, reading librarian-style. But Shulamis at 13 months doesn't have nearly the patience for books that Sroch at that age did. Llama is still more interested in bending them over backwards and possibly tasting them than listening to them.

Shulamis gets sung 'Hamalach' and then a version of 'Down in the Valley' which I remade the lyrics for. (Aside - there are lots of other songs I want to remake the lyrics for to lullabize them, like the "Storybook Love" song from the 'Princess Bride' soundtrack.... but I just don't find the time...) I didn't know the real lyrics, so I looked them up online, and frankly they're quite miserable (lots of versions abound, I think I found one that alluded to being in jail because he murdered his lost love, something like that) so this is what I made up:

Down in the valley, valley so low (X4)
Hang your head over, let the wind blow (X2)
The sun has gone, dear, the sun has gone
The sun has gone, dear, the day is done
It's time for sleep now, to sleep you must go (X2)
The moon is high, love, the moon is high
In the night sky, love, the moon is high
It's time for sleep now, to sleep you must go (X2)
Roses love sunshine, violets love dew
Heaven and earth they know I love you
Know I love you, dear, know I love you
Heaven and earth they know I love you
Down in the valley, valley so low
Down in the valley, valley so low

Which reminds me, all you womenfolks out there please check out my excellent friend Tamar Rudy's new lullaby CD called "Laylabyes" (get it? 'Night' in Hebrew is 'laila'). It's only for women (and kids, natch), and it's totally wonderful and not just because I wrote the lyrics for one of the songs. Makes a great Chanuka gift! And I am just about able to not cry every single time I hear it, thank you very much.

Here's a couple pictures of Miss Toothy, not that you can see more than the 4. But she really does now have six, four on top and two on the bottom. The top ones are all big and broad, and the bottom ones are tiny little spikes, it's adorable. And when she gets cold after the bath they do chatter adorably.

Note that we're eating a peanut butter sandwich in our pajamas. When she wakes up in the morning (and alas, sometimes when she wakes up at night, although thank God that's improving since her cold is all but gone (but then again, she got a ton of vaccinations today, so...)) she nurses, and then she is READY FOR FOOD RIGHT NOW THANK YOU. A peanut butter sandwich usually does the trick.


Anonymous said...

can't believe how big SRII has gotten. Love the peanut butter sandwich trick - if only my kids would eat such an easy snack. Yoni clains he hates peanut butter but then scarfs down a whole bag of bamba. Will you be the one to burst his bubble?

Miriam the Mommy said...

Brenda, I JUST had that conversation with Sroch today, as she complained "I don't like peanut butter anymore", but she said she still likes Bamba, AND she ate an ice cream cone with PB in it... just not a sandwich.