Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ketchup: it was always my favorite

So much to catch up on. I blame Facebook (patooey! There, I admitted it!) for keeping me from blogging; when I feel the need to capital-s Share, I do a blurb there, rather than a proper post here.


So here's a recap of, gosh, a lot of stuff.

(and I should be working now. Shhh....)

Chanuka was truly lovely, largely because Yoav got off of work every day at 3 PM. Oh, wow, I can SO get used to that. Every day I had rehearsals from 9 to 2 PM, so it wasn't so productive work-wise (sigh) but it was good clean fun! We really enjoyed spending so much family time, and we even had time to have a bunch of seminary girls over one night (for brownies and cookies and sufganiot), a bunch of yeshiva boys over another (for chili and hotdogs and guacamole and sufganiot), to go out to felafel (and sufganiot) another night - it was really, really nice.

The play! Rehearsals are proceeding, first show is on Monday (!), and it's really going to be great, thank God. More stuff about that the next time I post, or go on Facebook now. (Man, gotta dump Facebook...)

Srochelbean continues to be wonderful. Example:

When looking at a picture of the immodest Ariel the Mermaid (careful, link shows her in her animated decadence)(who we have discussed previously is not 'tzanua' (modest), Sarah Rochel said, "She's not tzanua because she doesn't have a kookoo" (ponytail). Um, yes, well, indeed, amongst other things...

She's a total and utter delight, that child - when she's well rested. When she's not, she's a total and utter delightful kvetchpot.

We went ahead and switched her into a booster seat, being sure to pretty flowers attached to its otherwise boring brown fabric first. She's very happy with it, and now Llama is forward facing in the purplecarseat (all one word).

Llamaloo is growing so fast. Words include "beh" for book, "bye bye" for "I noticed someone has opened the door or is trying to put my coat on."

We have caught her standing a few times, but she still won't do it on purpose. No rush. She's just 14 months old now (which is when Sroch started walking but we are NOT comparing!) so there's plenty of time. She's sleeping well these days... um, ish. She sleeps very well except for the hour or so she's awake in her crib about half the nights, when she cries very little, but would like very much for someone to sit with her. Working on that one. It may be teething; #7 came in a couple weeks ago. But why is she only teething from 3 to 4 AM?

Taka, in terms of sleeping, it's been a strange week. The kids have been going to bed on time, but each have been waking up once in the night either for an hour of intermittent talking and kvetching (Llama) or to go to the bathroom (Sroch, and 9/10 times in the actual bathroom - this week we had one "ackident"). But then they've both been waking up at 8 AM! I mean, hurray and all, but it's been a big rush in the mornings, less work getting done, etc, etc (because why would I wake up before they do?) (I know, I know... use the alarm clock... sigh).

We went on a tiyul Friday the last day of Chanuka, when Sroch had no gan, to Beit Govrin. It was so, SO fantastic - everyone liked it (well, Sroch didn't want to go into the darker caves "because they are dark and that's scary for me" - the flashlight we gave her helped). Loads of fun, and we didn't see a quarter of it; we'll go back again, IY"H.

And that's about it for the moment! Videos I'll load later, IY"H, now for pictures:

Llama lighting her menorah (with a little help).

Cheryl came over one night to play. Sroch insisted on lighting with her help (instead of Abba's) that night.
With the guests we played Chanuka Bananagrams - all words had to somehow relate to Chanuka. We got creative... (and spelled some things wrong, oops).
Sroch with her new floor puzzle and the new Sesame Street toys she set up to watch her (thanks for the new toys Saba and Savta!).
Lighting on first night (before shabbos, hence the fanciness).
Llamoosh is very yummy in her winter hat.
Sroch's solo puzzle skills are improving dramatically.
Doesn't Llama look old here, playing with a friend and everything?! (Srochel was under the blanket.)
Shulamis almost exclusively wants to self feed now. Messy, but effective. Sarah Rochel, on the other hand, I still have to chase around the room spooning into her mouth.

Yummy sisters.


In the columbaria on tiyul.... (note Llama posing for the camera, and Srochel hurting her eyes staring into her flashlight).


babybean said...

I love the last pic with Llama watching Sroch. Too cute! And I know the feeling of chasing the toddler around to feed them. I haven't quite gotten brave enough to let Brendan always self-feed when it comes to things that need spoons or forks. Probably a bad thing. I let him eat applesauce by himself one time and more ended up on him than in him.

Yaffa/Yitz said...

image 7884 needs to be blown up and framed. it's gorgeous. have a nice shabbos!

brenda said...

Love, love, love the gorgeous family pic and the fact that the girls own and are wearing matching shirt/dress/jackets at the same time :)
Also, the idea of putting flowers on SR's car seat - brilliant! I couldn't figure out how to make the booster more appealing for Yael (other than the fact that it is Yoni's and she is therefore a big girl now)
Got any tips for dispensing medicine to a wriggling, uncooperative 3 year old? I tried giving whipped cream as a reward, but she's on to me...