Friday, December 11, 2009

Sarah Rochel on parade

Cheetos in Israel now produces a most excellent dolphin shaped cheesy snack (which of course, is non-dairy). Here is Sarah Rochel dancing with the same, with a sorta transcription beneath:

Dolphin swimming in the water, okay, okay and now chomp, now you can't see... You can't see what? The head. Why? Cause... listen! And then, cause somebody ate the head... Who ate it? Me! And then I ate another piece, and who was it who ate the other one... Who ate the rest of that dolphin? And now I don't have a dolphin... (etc, etc, quick shot of Llama posing for the camera, then...) Mazal tov, la la la la la, mazal tov, la la la la la. You're singing the birthday song (they had been practicing birthdays in gan, in advance of the first set of them last week) to the dolphin? Yeah! The dolphin, la la la la la, the dolphin, la la la la la.

Then we discussed fashion.

There's no way I can transcribe the next video. It started as Sarah Rochel singing one of the Ani Maamin (note: article not checked for heretical content!) with all kinds of other Hebrew things and camp songs ("we want mashiach!") mixed up therein, and then turned into a general discussion of the coming of mashiach and the rebuilding of the beis hamikdash, oh, and Shulamis's's face when she's posing for the camera. My favorite part is how the beis hamikdash is going to be rebuilt in the middle of the kotel and the koisel. :)

Oh - and turns out I have atypical pneumonia in one lung! Who knew? Well, I did, cause I've been coughing for two weeks. Oh. On antibiotics, feeling pretty good, thank God!


rebekita31 said...

Shulamis and Rena have similar expressions when they smile and scrunch their noses!! SO DELIC!

bilha said...

Scrumptous (sp?). Enjoy them!