Tuesday, December 01, 2009


7:00 PM - Llama to bed, and sleep
7:30 PM - Sroch to bed (with babysitter), and sleep
9:30 PM - babysitter hears cry, finds Sroch on the floor (fell out of bed?). Puts her back in her bed. Later hypothesizes to me at 10 PM that Sroch was en route to bathroom and fell, and her bed may be wet. Nonsense, say I - if her bed was wet, Sroch would have awoken.
10:00 PM - Llamafreak (TM) begins. Babysitter holds her, fervently wishing for...
10:10 PM - Mommy arrives, takes Llama, nurses Llama. Llama back to bed.
11:05 PM - Llamafreak (TM) restarts. Mommy enters room, shushes, and checks on Sroch, who...
11:06 PM - Sroch is awakened by Mommy attempted to remove soaking wet bedding. Off to bathroom, change pajamas, change underwear, change sheets
11:10 PM - Sroch complains about choice of sheets. Mommy has little patience.
11:15 PM - Sroch back in bed, Llamafreak (TM) continues. Mommy manages to calm her down by holding her and singing (usually Llamas ONLY let Mommies calm them down when there is nursing involved).
11:20 PM - Llama asleep in arms.
11:22 PM - Llama back in crib.
11:25 PM - Llamafreak (TM) resumes.
11:30 PM - Mommy brings Llama a dose of ibuprofen, since she has no fever, she's not stuffed up at all, but clearly SOMETHING is bothering her (phantom teeth?) so we will medicate.
11:40 PM - Llamafreak (TM) winding down, alas Llama is alone in her room at this point, because otherwise we were gonna have Mommyfreak (patent pending) and this would be bad for all parties.
11:45 PM - Llama quiet, presumably asleep.
Many (snort) blissful hours pass.
5:00 AM - Sroch comes crying into our room. The problem? "I want a new room. I don't want to sleep in MY room. I want a PINK room!" I take her to the bathroom, we make plans for her to call her friend Pesha in the morning to discuss pink bedrooms. She is about to bug out at mention of going back to bed, I fear for Llamafreak - the Revenge (TM), so I wake up Yoav to take her back to bed (sorry honey).
5:30 AM - Llama wakes up. Naturally. I go in, Sroch has thoughtfully already come to the door to tell us she's up. I tell Sroch to go get in my (germ-ridden, sigh) bed, I nurse baby.
5:50 AM - Llama back in bed, Sroch (appears to be) asleep in my bed. I try to sleep for about three minutes in the guest room, realize futility, come into living room to work. Well, I'll just blog first...
6:00 AM - commence blogging
6:05 AM - Sroch pads out to tell me it IS morning. I send her to the couch to rest some more, because it's not morning yet. She tells me she wants to sleep on the couch, she can even cover herself. Great. She now interrupts me typing literally every twenty seconds. And I think I hear Llama moaning in her room.


Good thing they're cute.

Llama has a cold and indeterminate teething. We took her to the doc on Thursday, and again yesterday - just a cold. Sroch is going through a spate of bedwetting, which if it continues we'll test for a UTI I guess.

I am feeling much better from my cold, even if I sound like an octogenarian smoker, and I mean one who's been smoking thistles dipped in tar and rolled in asbestos for 80 years.

IY"H within a week or so we'll be back to our regularly scheduled sleeping. Something to daven for!!

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