Thursday, January 28, 2010

MY turn

Did you know I can say 'more'?

Did you know I can enunciate it perfectly? I can say "mohwerrr" with inflection and everything? 'Cause I can.

When I leave "Maka" the metapelet every day I scream "BAH!" (I don't quite yet say 'goodbah').

And due to my big sister's influence, my cry of "Mah-MEH" is changing to an "ih-MEH."

Hi Mom.

Speaking of the metapelet, I'm now there till 4 PM two days a week, because Mommy is now at work in Yerushalaim two days a week. She's also thinking about me staying there till 4 THREE days a week just so she can get more work done. I'm not quite as consistent as I used to be about taking mondo naps from 2 to 4 PM anymore, although Mommy says I'm SUCH a good napper and sleeper she's worried about losing some of her olam haba, whatever that means. Bli ayin hara!

So here I am, fifteen months old, and I'm still not walking. I will walk pushing a walker, but I don't really want to - crawling is faster and so much more reliable. I stand up a lot, especially on soft furnishings like beds and couches and laps, but when it comes to locomotion I'm still a one-legged crawler. I know I don't get real shoes until I walk, which kinda bums me out a little, but I'm gonna wait until the time is ripe.

And in the meantime, I'll wear my hand-me-down Robeez "shuhs."

I have a bit of a sniffly cold now, and a teeny fever today too, but that could easily be from teething (I do a lot of that). I have ten teeth now - 6 on top, 4 on the bottom - but I think another thirty-five are coming in any day now...

Anyway, between breathing funny and teeth and such, I'm sure slowing down in my nursing. I know on some level about my mother going away for a week without me (she's just kidding, right?) so the big suspense is what will happen to nursing then. Abba really wants me to keep it up just until we do our flights to and from America for Pesach - silly Abboosh! Doesn't he remember from my big sister that just because a baby nurses doesn't mean they are perfectly happy on the plane? Oh parents - they never learn!

This shabbos we're going down south to Arad with Abba's eighth grade boys (yuk). That drive should give my parents a taste of what the plane ride will be, albeit on the plane I'll have no seat AND the ride is approximately 12 times as long.

Now that I'm 15 months old, I'm big enough to want to play with my big sister, not just watch her playing. But I'm little enough that I don't quite know how to play. It's like how I'm big enough now to want more complex things from my mommy, but not quite big enough to explain them to her! Like for example, I haven't been eating half the things I used to eat anymore lately, just to keep her on her toes! Hee hee! My plan to drive her mad is working! And forget about being fed food - if I can't shove it up my nostrils and rub it in my hair, I'm not interested.

I am careful to clean my nostrils before the next meal.

In one way, I am incredibly different than Sarah Rochel was (or even is). I am a climber, and I mean a Climber. Couches, chairs, kitchen stools, sides of the bathtub - I'm gonna try to get up there. And I fit into such cute little spaces too! Witness my deliciousness!

I went with my mommy and big sister to get Sroch's first haircut this week, and would you believe the lady wanted to cut my bangs too? As if! I'm totally going natural. Maybe in a few years...

Saba and Savta (that's Abas and Sata to you) (well, to me) went home, and we miss them! I can't wait to see them in America where they undoubtedly will give me AMERICAN bananas and AMERICAN cheese - which I will happily rub in my hair and up my nose. Why discriminate?

I should really get back to my cribby now. I like to sleep with my head on my blankie from Faye, my "tzeti" (motzetz or motzetzi, aka pacifier) in my mouth or nearby in my hand, one arm curled around my sippy cup. Ah, sleep. Even more fun than chewing on my mommy's cell phone.

(Would you believe she almost bought a new phone today? I for sure wouldn't have been allowed to chew on it! Although I don't know why not - it was so obviously a knock-off it said "iPnone" on the back.)

Love to all of you, my loyal fans!

This was after an, um, enthusiastic bit of sibling play on shabbos. But the blood from my nose came out of Mommy's sweater nicely, thank you.

Got hotdogs on my plate and couscous in my nose - who could ask for anything more? (Well, I could, especially because since this picture I've almost given up hotdogs...)
I climb up into these little chairs now. I can sit there for half-hours at a time, just tucked away in the corner, checking out the action from the heights.

Don't I stand nicely?
Devilish grin (booger no extra charge)
Mommy posing with approximately half of the clothing I have to wear before the age of 3. Yikes. Pink? I can do pink.
Lately Mommy and Abba have been taking me for these gorgeous walks on Fridays. Oooh, look, rare endangered wildflower... snore...

I'd like you all to know that due to incredible computer slowness which is driving my mother absolute BONKERS this blog post took well over an hour to compose and upload, so leave her lots of comments, okay? She gets demoralized easy, what with making dinner and her kids not eating it and all - at least say you like her blog!!

Or she'll go on strike again, says she.

Whatever that means.

Hello from... me!!!!

Goodness gracious it's been a long time since I've blogged - not since February 2008! I actually almost could blog for real... well, sorta. I know all my ABC's but not all my little abc's. But I know more Hebrew (almost) than my mother, so THAT's something.

When you're three and three quarters, like me, there are a whole lot fewer milestones to write about. I mean, walking, talking, calculus - I'm like totally there. But this week I DID have a new 'first'...

I got my first haircut!

Mommy, pardon me, Ima (calling her 'Mommy' is so 2008...) said I was a CHAMP. I didn't cry or fuss or hide or any of the things she says I do whenever confronted with something strange. I hopped right up in the chair, wore the massive apron, and let Mrs. Thomas comb and cut my curls! She says my curly hair is here to stay - yay! (she said my baby sister's isn't REALLY curly, not like MINE -- Ima didn't like that so much) and that cutting off the dead frizzy bits would make me have fewer knots, and so far, so good!

I am still painfully cute, don't worry, or as I like to say these days, "chamudi."

We saw a rainbow in the sky on the way home, so we stopped to take pictures of it.

Now Shulamis is BOTHERING me to use the computer! IMA!!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


God, grant me the serenity to accept the eating habits I cannot change, the patience to continue making different yummy foods that they ate only yesterday but now won't touch, and the wisdom to know the difference between malnutrition and normal toddlerism.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Some recent Sarah Rocheling

"I want a sefer Torah. Binyomin has a REAL sefer Torah."
Well, his is more like a real Torah than your toy one, but a REAL Torah costs SO much money. It costs more money than a car! (Note: until you get into Israeli taxes, in which case the Torah is cheaper, but anyway...)
"You know what's more money than a Torah? The shamaim, because the shamaim are SO big, they are bigger than a car, so they are more expensive."


(sings)"Shalom aleichem, pitom aleichem" (stops singing) "You know why you say 'Shalom aleichem pitom aleichem'?"
No. Why?
"Because if you want to say todah to Hashem for the pita but you don't know how to say it, you say 'Shalom aleichem pitom aleichem' and that means thank you for giving me pita."


"I can't go to sleep because it's so hard for me to close my eyes!"


(tasting new food) "Yum. Ima, thank you for making this. It's yum"
Why, Sarah Rochel, you're welcome. I'm glad you like it.
"Not so much." (starts spitting it out)

In general, by the way, lately she's been pleasing and thank youing very, VERY nicely, including lots of thank yous for making her food and serving her. It's quite nice, actually. Clearly this is Yoav's influence.

A couple weeks ago we had the easiest time getting her off to gan EVER, since it was finally her turn to be the "Ima shel Shabbat" (the shabbos mommy) and dress up and get a fancy (disposable) 'mitpachat' to wear and give out treats to all the kinderlach. I chose for her to give out bags of dolphin-shaped (parve) Cheetos, quite possibly the yummiest snack food on the market today. So this was the video in the morning...

And then when she came home, since it was parshas Vayigash she had her weekly 'tikiah' full of that week's projects and such, including her 'kitar' upon which she plays 'Od Yosef Chai', like Serach bas Asher did. She also mentions the 'mesiba gedola' (big party) they were going to have at the end of the sefer, which never happened for some reason.

*I apologize that most of these aren't so understandable to those of you not conversant with Hebrew, Torah or general silliness. Oh well. At least she looks cute.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Two pictures to tide you over

Llama doing a little light reading (that's "War and Peace" there).

Srochel on the utterly cool horse costume I got her for like five bucks on!

Saturday, January 09, 2010


*Blawg: The sound I make when I realize I haven't blogged in ages.

Shulamis's's's vocalizing, that is, talking, has blossomed in the last couple weeks. We have discussed the "tuh-tuh" crawling in the backyard (the hole in its shell is mostly healed, thank you for asking), Yoav has taught her to ask for "muh" when eating, she waits for her slice of "lala" after kiddush, requests to eat as many "nana"s as we will let her have (hmm, not too many - hard on her, ahem, digestion), also enjoys when I peel and cut up a "nina" for her (that's a clementina, clearly). There is also "odah" which is short for 'todah' (thank you) which refers to any transfer of item, as in "you have given something to me" or "I want to give something to you" or "ah, you have taken something from me, well done" or "is there anything you want to give me please?" Lots of 'odahs' around the house.

...and just today she pointed to a picture of her big sister and said "Och". We are SO proud!

In all of this, by the way, she only just started calling me (she said 'bye bye' long before 'Mommy'). She calls me 'Mah-MEH' (slightly French, due to our French metapelet no doubt) and "Ih-mah" (sorta like Ima, which Sroch persists in calling me 75% of the time) and, occasionally, 'Mommy.' But 'Mah-MEH!' is what she hollers upon waking.

At 5 AM.

We are working on that.

This shabbos she finally WALKED with her walker. More and more we catch her standing unaided (though she won't do it on demand). She also will let us hold her hands and walk her around the room, something Srochel was doing at 6 months (really: video here) but Llama has not been willing to do until now. She takes great big duck-walk steps when she does too - rather cute.

Tooth #8 came in a couple weeks ago. She's totally lopsided, with 3 teeth on the bottom and five on top, and the odd ones on top and bottom both on her left side. Here is a chart, because I know you care:

The red is where the next one is coming, I think.

Oh, and a couple weeks ago, she ate a banana. Note that I did not say a 'peeled banana.' Blech.

Sarah Rochel is acquiring Hebrew at a wonderful speed, although she ends up with some imperfect understandings of what the teachers are teaching. My favorite example so far was a few weeks ago. Sarah Rochel had been learning for a few weeks about the "stav," which is autumn. Lots of talk of leaves and rain and so on (well, we don't get much wintery winter, so we kinda have to work with what we've got). So then one Friday she comes home and tells me:

"There is a stav. There is a BIG, BAD stav which is very bad, and wants to harog et Yaakov." (translation: kill Yaakov)

It does?

"Yes. It's a BAD stav! It's a red stav, with a lot of hair."

Um, Sarah Rochel, could it maybe be Eisav, not stav?

"No. It's stav."

But she really has been absorbing a lot of what she's learning, which is fun. She can actually name all of the parshios of Sefer Bereishis, which is something I still can't do! She is learning about different midos (character traits) and can label and color and discuss them, if perhaps not always emulate them. But she's really doing well, and her teachers tell me she lights up the classroom and she's wonderful and they love her, etc, etc. And Sroch has informed me that she wants to "stay in gan shalosh this year and next year and every year forever until I'm grown up."

Sarah Rochel has now had a friend to sleep over twice. Um, didn't I have to be like 10 before that happened? Did I mention she's "three and three corters"?

Speaking of growing up, she discusses babies in tummies quite a lot, undoubtedly due (har har) to several of her friends having pregnant or recently-birthed mommies. (Aside to grammar nerds: I know, that means the mommies were just born, but I can't figure out the right way to say it!) She has explained to me that when she grows up, a bone in her tummy will open up and a baby will be there, but "only when I'm a grown up, not now." Oh. She did ask me actually how babies get into bellies, and I told her "Hashem." Phew. And her bestfriendRena (whose mother had a baby on Thursday, mazal tov!) just said to me, "Right you have a fat belly?" To which I answered yes, but not because there is a baby inside, just because.

Harumph. I'll have you all know I'm at my lowest weight in like 9 years. Durn kids.

Saba and Savta are here now, and we're enjoying them immensely! And thank God, babysitting for the shows has been smooth, thanks to them.

My show is half done... which is now a third. That is, we've done three shows, we have three more this week... and then, a month later, we are all going to America to do three shows in Brooklyn! NUTS!

So... BUY TICKETS!!! Alas, if you don't buy the really expensive ones, you won't be able to come hang out with me at the fancy reception (snort) to 'meet the cast,' but regardless, it's a fun show:

Will post pictures and video tomorrow, IY"H. Love you all!