Saturday, January 09, 2010


*Blawg: The sound I make when I realize I haven't blogged in ages.

Shulamis's's's vocalizing, that is, talking, has blossomed in the last couple weeks. We have discussed the "tuh-tuh" crawling in the backyard (the hole in its shell is mostly healed, thank you for asking), Yoav has taught her to ask for "muh" when eating, she waits for her slice of "lala" after kiddush, requests to eat as many "nana"s as we will let her have (hmm, not too many - hard on her, ahem, digestion), also enjoys when I peel and cut up a "nina" for her (that's a clementina, clearly). There is also "odah" which is short for 'todah' (thank you) which refers to any transfer of item, as in "you have given something to me" or "I want to give something to you" or "ah, you have taken something from me, well done" or "is there anything you want to give me please?" Lots of 'odahs' around the house.

...and just today she pointed to a picture of her big sister and said "Och". We are SO proud!

In all of this, by the way, she only just started calling me (she said 'bye bye' long before 'Mommy'). She calls me 'Mah-MEH' (slightly French, due to our French metapelet no doubt) and "Ih-mah" (sorta like Ima, which Sroch persists in calling me 75% of the time) and, occasionally, 'Mommy.' But 'Mah-MEH!' is what she hollers upon waking.

At 5 AM.

We are working on that.

This shabbos she finally WALKED with her walker. More and more we catch her standing unaided (though she won't do it on demand). She also will let us hold her hands and walk her around the room, something Srochel was doing at 6 months (really: video here) but Llama has not been willing to do until now. She takes great big duck-walk steps when she does too - rather cute.

Tooth #8 came in a couple weeks ago. She's totally lopsided, with 3 teeth on the bottom and five on top, and the odd ones on top and bottom both on her left side. Here is a chart, because I know you care:

The red is where the next one is coming, I think.

Oh, and a couple weeks ago, she ate a banana. Note that I did not say a 'peeled banana.' Blech.

Sarah Rochel is acquiring Hebrew at a wonderful speed, although she ends up with some imperfect understandings of what the teachers are teaching. My favorite example so far was a few weeks ago. Sarah Rochel had been learning for a few weeks about the "stav," which is autumn. Lots of talk of leaves and rain and so on (well, we don't get much wintery winter, so we kinda have to work with what we've got). So then one Friday she comes home and tells me:

"There is a stav. There is a BIG, BAD stav which is very bad, and wants to harog et Yaakov." (translation: kill Yaakov)

It does?

"Yes. It's a BAD stav! It's a red stav, with a lot of hair."

Um, Sarah Rochel, could it maybe be Eisav, not stav?

"No. It's stav."

But she really has been absorbing a lot of what she's learning, which is fun. She can actually name all of the parshios of Sefer Bereishis, which is something I still can't do! She is learning about different midos (character traits) and can label and color and discuss them, if perhaps not always emulate them. But she's really doing well, and her teachers tell me she lights up the classroom and she's wonderful and they love her, etc, etc. And Sroch has informed me that she wants to "stay in gan shalosh this year and next year and every year forever until I'm grown up."

Sarah Rochel has now had a friend to sleep over twice. Um, didn't I have to be like 10 before that happened? Did I mention she's "three and three corters"?

Speaking of growing up, she discusses babies in tummies quite a lot, undoubtedly due (har har) to several of her friends having pregnant or recently-birthed mommies. (Aside to grammar nerds: I know, that means the mommies were just born, but I can't figure out the right way to say it!) She has explained to me that when she grows up, a bone in her tummy will open up and a baby will be there, but "only when I'm a grown up, not now." Oh. She did ask me actually how babies get into bellies, and I told her "Hashem." Phew. And her bestfriendRena (whose mother had a baby on Thursday, mazal tov!) just said to me, "Right you have a fat belly?" To which I answered yes, but not because there is a baby inside, just because.

Harumph. I'll have you all know I'm at my lowest weight in like 9 years. Durn kids.

Saba and Savta are here now, and we're enjoying them immensely! And thank God, babysitting for the shows has been smooth, thanks to them.

My show is half done... which is now a third. That is, we've done three shows, we have three more this week... and then, a month later, we are all going to America to do three shows in Brooklyn! NUTS!

So... BUY TICKETS!!! Alas, if you don't buy the really expensive ones, you won't be able to come hang out with me at the fancy reception (snort) to 'meet the cast,' but regardless, it's a fun show:

Will post pictures and video tomorrow, IY"H. Love you all!


brenda said...

So Yoni didn't ask me how babies get in the tummies, just how they get out. You can only ignore that one for so long...
I think I could handle a "sleep-over", but only if it were really a "pajama party" and all the adults came to get their kids at say 10:30ish.

Klass said...

I read your blog once in a while and just wanted to say that I saw the play last night. you were the greatest, funniest person there! I loved every minute!