Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hello from... me!!!!

Goodness gracious it's been a long time since I've blogged - not since February 2008! I actually almost could blog for real... well, sorta. I know all my ABC's but not all my little abc's. But I know more Hebrew (almost) than my mother, so THAT's something.

When you're three and three quarters, like me, there are a whole lot fewer milestones to write about. I mean, walking, talking, calculus - I'm like totally there. But this week I DID have a new 'first'...

I got my first haircut!

Mommy, pardon me, Ima (calling her 'Mommy' is so 2008...) said I was a CHAMP. I didn't cry or fuss or hide or any of the things she says I do whenever confronted with something strange. I hopped right up in the chair, wore the massive apron, and let Mrs. Thomas comb and cut my curls! She says my curly hair is here to stay - yay! (she said my baby sister's isn't REALLY curly, not like MINE -- Ima didn't like that so much) and that cutting off the dead frizzy bits would make me have fewer knots, and so far, so good!

I am still painfully cute, don't worry, or as I like to say these days, "chamudi."

We saw a rainbow in the sky on the way home, so we stopped to take pictures of it.

Now Shulamis is BOTHERING me to use the computer! IMA!!!!

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