Thursday, January 28, 2010

MY turn

Did you know I can say 'more'?

Did you know I can enunciate it perfectly? I can say "mohwerrr" with inflection and everything? 'Cause I can.

When I leave "Maka" the metapelet every day I scream "BAH!" (I don't quite yet say 'goodbah').

And due to my big sister's influence, my cry of "Mah-MEH" is changing to an "ih-MEH."

Hi Mom.

Speaking of the metapelet, I'm now there till 4 PM two days a week, because Mommy is now at work in Yerushalaim two days a week. She's also thinking about me staying there till 4 THREE days a week just so she can get more work done. I'm not quite as consistent as I used to be about taking mondo naps from 2 to 4 PM anymore, although Mommy says I'm SUCH a good napper and sleeper she's worried about losing some of her olam haba, whatever that means. Bli ayin hara!

So here I am, fifteen months old, and I'm still not walking. I will walk pushing a walker, but I don't really want to - crawling is faster and so much more reliable. I stand up a lot, especially on soft furnishings like beds and couches and laps, but when it comes to locomotion I'm still a one-legged crawler. I know I don't get real shoes until I walk, which kinda bums me out a little, but I'm gonna wait until the time is ripe.

And in the meantime, I'll wear my hand-me-down Robeez "shuhs."

I have a bit of a sniffly cold now, and a teeny fever today too, but that could easily be from teething (I do a lot of that). I have ten teeth now - 6 on top, 4 on the bottom - but I think another thirty-five are coming in any day now...

Anyway, between breathing funny and teeth and such, I'm sure slowing down in my nursing. I know on some level about my mother going away for a week without me (she's just kidding, right?) so the big suspense is what will happen to nursing then. Abba really wants me to keep it up just until we do our flights to and from America for Pesach - silly Abboosh! Doesn't he remember from my big sister that just because a baby nurses doesn't mean they are perfectly happy on the plane? Oh parents - they never learn!

This shabbos we're going down south to Arad with Abba's eighth grade boys (yuk). That drive should give my parents a taste of what the plane ride will be, albeit on the plane I'll have no seat AND the ride is approximately 12 times as long.

Now that I'm 15 months old, I'm big enough to want to play with my big sister, not just watch her playing. But I'm little enough that I don't quite know how to play. It's like how I'm big enough now to want more complex things from my mommy, but not quite big enough to explain them to her! Like for example, I haven't been eating half the things I used to eat anymore lately, just to keep her on her toes! Hee hee! My plan to drive her mad is working! And forget about being fed food - if I can't shove it up my nostrils and rub it in my hair, I'm not interested.

I am careful to clean my nostrils before the next meal.

In one way, I am incredibly different than Sarah Rochel was (or even is). I am a climber, and I mean a Climber. Couches, chairs, kitchen stools, sides of the bathtub - I'm gonna try to get up there. And I fit into such cute little spaces too! Witness my deliciousness!

I went with my mommy and big sister to get Sroch's first haircut this week, and would you believe the lady wanted to cut my bangs too? As if! I'm totally going natural. Maybe in a few years...

Saba and Savta (that's Abas and Sata to you) (well, to me) went home, and we miss them! I can't wait to see them in America where they undoubtedly will give me AMERICAN bananas and AMERICAN cheese - which I will happily rub in my hair and up my nose. Why discriminate?

I should really get back to my cribby now. I like to sleep with my head on my blankie from Faye, my "tzeti" (motzetz or motzetzi, aka pacifier) in my mouth or nearby in my hand, one arm curled around my sippy cup. Ah, sleep. Even more fun than chewing on my mommy's cell phone.

(Would you believe she almost bought a new phone today? I for sure wouldn't have been allowed to chew on it! Although I don't know why not - it was so obviously a knock-off it said "iPnone" on the back.)

Love to all of you, my loyal fans!

This was after an, um, enthusiastic bit of sibling play on shabbos. But the blood from my nose came out of Mommy's sweater nicely, thank you.

Got hotdogs on my plate and couscous in my nose - who could ask for anything more? (Well, I could, especially because since this picture I've almost given up hotdogs...)
I climb up into these little chairs now. I can sit there for half-hours at a time, just tucked away in the corner, checking out the action from the heights.

Don't I stand nicely?
Devilish grin (booger no extra charge)
Mommy posing with approximately half of the clothing I have to wear before the age of 3. Yikes. Pink? I can do pink.
Lately Mommy and Abba have been taking me for these gorgeous walks on Fridays. Oooh, look, rare endangered wildflower... snore...

I'd like you all to know that due to incredible computer slowness which is driving my mother absolute BONKERS this blog post took well over an hour to compose and upload, so leave her lots of comments, okay? She gets demoralized easy, what with making dinner and her kids not eating it and all - at least say you like her blog!!

Or she'll go on strike again, says she.

Whatever that means.


Zayde said...

What a wonderful blog entry!

"I like your blog" in case you didn't know!

babybean said...

Haha. Don't go on strike! We would miss you. I love the pic of the girls on the couch with a table. And the first blood pic. Poor Brendan had his first accident last night. Unfortunately, we couldn't blame it on a sibling, lol. He fell over his bathtub (I really need to put that away, we're talking the infant bathtub that's still in his bathroom) and bit his lip. It was really swollen last night :-( But he was fine and all smiles tonight when I got home from work. So are y'all coming to Houston for Pesach?! Or at least some time around there.

Miriam the Mommy said...

Oy, poor Brendan!! Yeah, having a sibling to blame things on is great, just like having kids to blame the stains on your clothes on totally rocks. :)

We plan to be in Houston for just about a week, March 18-25! Yay! Don't we owe you a game of frisbee golf?

Brie said...


babybean said...

Awesome! Can't wait to see you guys. I totally blame Brendan for stains on my clothes. In fact I always wonder if I come in to work with milk stains on my bottom because when I'm blow-drying my hair in the morning Brendan stands right behind me. He usually has his sippy cup of milk with him when he does too. The 21st is Brent's birthday, so I'm hoping that if he can't visit, at least me and Brendan will be able to. Since it's tax season I won't be able to visit any other day more than likely.

tzipporah m said...

Im still laughing about the blog of Sarah Rochel's comments...but SR2 is so cute! speaking of walks on friday when is there time to go on nature walks?

Yaffa/Yitz said...

i'm glad someone uses the backpack baby carrier. enjoy for now! and, i like your blog!

Anonymous said...

Miriam! I love ur blog. P.S. Shari, Debbie and I are coming to see you live in Heilige Brrrooklyn Feb 21st - I know we went cheap but we'd still love to see you after the show!


Faye said...

your posts are always funny. I am gratified to hear that the Llama still uses her blanket. I guess I should get my tush in gear and make S'Roch a hat :)