Monday, January 18, 2010

Some recent Sarah Rocheling

"I want a sefer Torah. Binyomin has a REAL sefer Torah."
Well, his is more like a real Torah than your toy one, but a REAL Torah costs SO much money. It costs more money than a car! (Note: until you get into Israeli taxes, in which case the Torah is cheaper, but anyway...)
"You know what's more money than a Torah? The shamaim, because the shamaim are SO big, they are bigger than a car, so they are more expensive."


(sings)"Shalom aleichem, pitom aleichem" (stops singing) "You know why you say 'Shalom aleichem pitom aleichem'?"
No. Why?
"Because if you want to say todah to Hashem for the pita but you don't know how to say it, you say 'Shalom aleichem pitom aleichem' and that means thank you for giving me pita."


"I can't go to sleep because it's so hard for me to close my eyes!"


(tasting new food) "Yum. Ima, thank you for making this. It's yum"
Why, Sarah Rochel, you're welcome. I'm glad you like it.
"Not so much." (starts spitting it out)

In general, by the way, lately she's been pleasing and thank youing very, VERY nicely, including lots of thank yous for making her food and serving her. It's quite nice, actually. Clearly this is Yoav's influence.

A couple weeks ago we had the easiest time getting her off to gan EVER, since it was finally her turn to be the "Ima shel Shabbat" (the shabbos mommy) and dress up and get a fancy (disposable) 'mitpachat' to wear and give out treats to all the kinderlach. I chose for her to give out bags of dolphin-shaped (parve) Cheetos, quite possibly the yummiest snack food on the market today. So this was the video in the morning...

And then when she came home, since it was parshas Vayigash she had her weekly 'tikiah' full of that week's projects and such, including her 'kitar' upon which she plays 'Od Yosef Chai', like Serach bas Asher did. She also mentions the 'mesiba gedola' (big party) they were going to have at the end of the sefer, which never happened for some reason.

*I apologize that most of these aren't so understandable to those of you not conversant with Hebrew, Torah or general silliness. Oh well. At least she looks cute.


tzipporah moskovitz said...

I love this!!! I want to go to gan...a little freaked out with sr eating the apple....

kasay said...

The song goes " shalom aleichem pita ve'lechem".
that's an official kids takeoff.
She'll learn the rest soon enough :
It continues "chummus ve'tchina im margarina..."

Very cute!!