Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hello from here

We're supposed to be resting now between rehearsals. So I'm finally uploading Srochel doing some lovely singing and dancing. I am actually very impressed at her graceful movements - she's very poised and wonderful.

(favorite: "Me, a nay I call myself.")




Llama is walking.

Did I call it or WHAT?!

Monday, February 15, 2010

I don't believe I'm really leaving them for a week

(Five bucks says Llama starts walking for real while I'm gone. And then there's Sarah Rochel - "Sarah Rochel, are you going to miss me while I'm in America?" "No.")

Monday, February 08, 2010


I've been without my normal computer for a bit now, as it gets reformatted and its RAM is fed steroids and it Windows-7-izes. I should have it back tomorrow, I hope. This however is the reason for the media silence on the part of this blog. So without pictures or nuthing, lemme tell ya...

- Llama has taken a few steps! Okay, like two. Twice. On Shabbos.

- Llama has a WONDERFUL memory, as evidenced by the fact we went down to the clinic to get my H1N1 shot, and she freaked out as soon as we got there, clinging to me in fear - because she remembered her flu shot 6 weeks prior. She started to calm down only once we left the nurse's room, despite me reassuring her that I was the one getting the shot, not her!

- Llama has an even MORE wonderful memory than that, as evidenced by today's trip to Tipat Chalav, where she showed she remembered our trip there two months ago, when she got three shots - and her getting one today did not help her form a more positive impression. Poor darling. During the shot, when I'm holding her / nursing her and holding down her leg, and the nurse is administering the shot - no one had her hand, and she reached down to remove the needle from her leg, cause hey, wouldn't you? Thank God the plunger was already down, so she didn't have to get the shot AGAIN - but she managed to cause it to give her quite the scratch on her little thigh. Poor little thing.

Well, not so little. She's growing up so fast!

- Llama is CREATIVE, so much so that the random rash she got behind one ear (nasty, gross, weepy, ew) was cultured and diagnosed as strep. Strep. My daughter has strep ear. Blech. Cleared up very nicely after a couple days of oral and cream antibiotics, but we're staying the course and finishing our 10 days. Llama does NOT like the medicine but is willing to suffer it for the sake of the chocolate chip she gets afterwards.

In all sincerity, I am thrilled that she made it until now without antibiotics, since back with infant Sarah Rochel I had tried and failed to avoid them, because of the study linking asthma and infant-antibiotic dosing. (Please see November and December 2006 entries of the blog for futher reading.) Thank you Hashem!

- Newest Llama words:

Goga, which we're eating a lot of now that we're on antibiotics. She prefers strawberry goga, as does Sroch, who only eats it because it's pink.

Tehti, which comes from tzetzi, which comes from motzetz, which means pacifier. She adorably knows when she comes out of the cribby or the car, she has to hand it over to one of us. It's restricted to crib and car now, or to traumatizing things like vaccinations.

Ara Racha, which is her big sister.

Tea, which is cheese. Duh.

- Lastly, recently overheard as my newly-fluent in Hebrew daughter played with her friend, equally newly-fluent:

SR1: I want to mechaber the two tents. Let's talk in Hebrew, okay?
P: Okay! I also want to lechaber them.
SR1: Anachnu mechaber et zeh.
P: Yes, we are nechabering.

Love it!