Monday, March 01, 2010

My trip to America and what I saw there

So I've concluded that Brooklyn = some of the benefits of Houston + Israel, and all the faults of both. That said, there were some amazing people there we stayed with and worked with to do the show, and so I can't make fun of Brooklyn TOO much anymore. Still, I continue to be thrilled that eretz yisroel is where I make my home - thank you Hashem!

I went touring with the group a bit, all over the city in the snow, to FAO Schwarz (where I came really, really close to dropping $130 on my own MuppetO and the Sony Wonderlab and Macy's (10% off for any out-of-state or intl visitors, woot!) and Times Square and Toys'r'Us (where I bought Sroch a much cheaper version of the aforementioned Muppet - it's for her birthday, shhhhh) and of course, Kosher Delight, where I got my beef hot dogs and cajun fries. Mmmmm. (Three words: Heinz ketchup dispenser.) The next day I saw a couple friends (hi! You're the best!) and bought more things and ate more beef and rode the subway, and got chauffeured home from the city by my inlaws.

Now, both of those days (except for the in-laws bit) were quite surreal. I was on my old college turf, walking around the city in my winter coat from Stern and my backpack, alone... unaccountable (well, somewhat)... very, very... single. It was a bit surreal to imagine I had a husband and two children (two!? When did that happen?!) back in a heat wave in Israel. It has been 10 years since I was going from someone to someone else, 10 years since I was really a free agent. I am endlessly thankful for that accountability - but experiencing the lack of it was very interesting. Not good, not bad - interesting.

Anyway, after that we rehearsed, blah blah, my parents flew in (!!) and I spent shabbos with them (eating food from, heavenly trumpets, Pomegranate), and then three shows in a row, bam bam bam, and whoosh, back to Israel.

Did I mention I got sick the second I landed in America, was totally hoarse and coughing on stage for the shows, and just finished the antibiotics I got there that cost $131?!? Thank God, I didn't feel that poorly, but I was coughing up multiple organs - and it's not over yet (doc says I have 'reactive airways.' Rapture).

Now - back here, Yoav was the world's best abba (as always) and thank God the kids were really great, even being nice to Talya-the-Wonder-Seminary-Girl and their other assorted various babysitters. Llama got the same cough that I got, but we can't blame hers on America.

So when I came back, Sroch was in fine form - and Llama spent the rest of the week home sick with me. :( But she is fine now, thank God, and while I am massively, absurdedly behind on work because of a week off plus several sick days with the baby - all is well!

It was an experiment. I enjoyed it, the kids were fine, Yoav was fine. Would I do it again? I have no idea.

And B"H - Llama resumed nursing when I came back, despite a week off! Hooray! Thank you Hashem!

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miriam im from brooklyn and saw your show it was very proffeshional!! 'whats proffesional?ha ha ha