Monday, March 01, 2010


Here was the poem:

Happy Purim to all, from the Druyan clan
For shaloch manos this year, we hadn’t a plan
But Sarah Rochel (our leader in so many ways)
Decided whilst munching, quite a few days
Ago, that we should give “rimon seeds” to all and sundry
Thus guaranteeing all would need to do laundry

So enclosed find some cookies we hope will resemble
Our Srochel the kallah, and our Shulamis some animal
(the kitty or the dog, we just don’t know yet
despite calling her Llama, she’s new at being a pet).
And tucked in with those, some gleaming red pits
(Sarah Rochel assures you you’re allowed to swallow it)

Those tiny jewels represent our greatest treasure
Our family, our girlies, and our greatest pleasure
Which is bringing you joy and a sweet confection
With much love from the girls and their parents Druyan

We gave cookies decorated like cats and bride-torsos (those work a lot better in theory than in practice) and little baggies of pomegranate seeds. Small, but pretty and yummy. Despite the torrential rains (yay!) preventing us from going all over delivering, somehow I ran out of these 'cute' shaloch manos very early and had to give equally yummy but less shticky ones, so my apologies to my blog readers who didn't get the 'cute' ones.

At least the kids were cute!

We had a great seuda with the Weinrebs, despite Shulamis melting down a little around 5 PM (odd, because only three hours earlier did I wake her from her amazing Purim three-and-a-half hour nap), but she was tired anyway, and despite Sroch accidentally getting a nasty scrape just under her eye (she was picked up under a bookshelf and the corner caught her face, ouch) but thank God, she recovered quickly, and it looks MUCH worse than it is. Sroch was truly wonderful all day, and only melted down herself once she was in bed for the night, because her polka-dot blanket wasn't on her bed, the reason being she had peed all over it the night before.

Ahem. Don't even think of suggesting that's because I went away for a week.

Today while I worked, Yoav took the girls into Yerushalaim, where they went and visited Savta Raba, cousin Tali and her kiddos, and Mama Nechy & Uncle Reuven.

I was talking to Sarah Rochel tonight about the old age home where she saw Savta Raba. Yoav said they went all over and said hello to all the residents of the floor Savta Raba is on, and the residents being in different stages of aging had different responses of course. And I asked her about them and their reactions, specifically that of not speaking to her. And with her wonderful Sarah Rochel sincerity and clarity, she explained, "No, they didn't talk. They are old, and they are at the end of talking." And I was so, so impressed with her for seeing aging not as scary or strange, but as matter of fact and 'normal' as her day to day life - babies don't speak normally, they haven't learned yet, and some old people don't speak normally, they've already finished. I remember being very young (4? 5?) and going to visit my elderly great grandmother in a home, and being more than a little weirded out. So big kudos for Sroch and her stability. She impresses me more and more everyday.

Well, except for the aforementioned wet bed.

Mama Nechy said when Shulamis came in, she immediately crawled straight over to her and climbed into her lap. They haven't seen each other in months. I had been thinking the other day about Llama and her people-sense. Sroch at this age really 'went' to just about anyone, anytime. Shulamis always, but certainly in the last few months, has been much more discerning, but not by any criteria that I can measure (not familiarity or hair color or anything) - she just has a wonderful sensory awareness of certain people, that make them more or less desirable to her. She's never had stranger issues, but she is specific about who she wants to go to. It's very interesting to watch, and I am of course thrilled when she loves the people I love (like Nechy, aww).

Fortunately, I'm still in her good book, despite my 'vacation.'

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