Monday, March 01, 2010

Shulamis videos in the last couple weeks

Shulamis likes pears. She makes them disappear. This actually took longer than usual - she stopped to babble at me while I was cooking. Have I mentioned I love this setting on my camera?

Well of course, the big news while I was gone was Shulamis walking.

Except, she stopped.

Well, sorta. She can take a few steps, but she doesn't really care to so much. So we can talk her into it, but she'd just as rather crawl.

But anyway, here is the sideways video of her first consecutive several steps. Note her avoiding Yoav and going to Ruti the seminary girl.

And when I came back, she got a new toy, something I wanted to get her because right now EVERYTHING is a phone to her. So this is a long video, a die-hard druyanity fan vid, but totally adorable.

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