Sunday, April 11, 2010

Back to Sarah Rochel's 4th birthday

Doing a little twilight blogging over here, as the sun finishes setting (going to America, that is) and my children slumber in their peaceful ohmigoshcollapse-sleep. Thank God, they both had wonderful, full normal schedule days - once I shook them both awake at 8 AM, and now at 7:15 PM, they are blissfully unconscious.

This may have to do with their fatigue after being awake from 11 PM to 3 or 4 AM last night. Hmm. Funny thing, jet lag.

I wanted to (finally) post pictures from Srochel's fourth birthday party - I know, about time!

Birthdays are a BIG deal in Israeli gans, as they should be. They do three girls at once, and have a series of activities, which may or may not depend on which songs they have. Hmm.

Here is Sroch having just come through the 'shaar' (gate) that all birthday girls come through. Of course.

With her birthday bag of goodies (a nice laminated 'prayer for children' for me (birthdays always include gifts for the mother - as they should!) and her own treats, and note her crown with 4 roses on it (cause she's four!).

One of the songs was about having as many years (or was it mitzvos?) as a mushroom has spots. Uh-huh. As you see, the birthday girls are in the middle doing the relevant thing while the relevant song plays and the relevant non-birthdays girls spectate.

They also did some odd maypole hoop and ribbon thing, danced with the keys of briut (health), osher (joy/contentedness, also pun of wealth) and nachat (you know, nachas :)), and of COURSE they get to jump up the rungs of a ladder (well, a representation of a ladder - on the floor) as they 'hop hop hop' (that's the Hebrew for 'hop hop hop') up to another year. That was Sroch's favorite part, I think.

And they get to dance with their mommies in the circle too. Aw. They get picked up on a chair (hey, one of the other girls' chair went WAY higher than my daughter's!), get to play the FANCY instrument (i.e. the triangle) while other girls play the lesser ones, and of course, give out the treats, namely cake in gan, candy to take home, and a toy too. Loads of fun had by all!

And now it's really dark out, and I must get to work. At this rate, I'll be blogging about Pesach sometime around August.

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