Friday, April 09, 2010

On returning home...

It's 8:30 in the morning, Friday after our return (we got in about 4:15 yesterday afternoon). Sroch is in gan - yes, I did wake her up at 7:30 to get her there at 8, despite her being awake last night from approximately 2-5 AM. Llama is still asleep, despite sleeping a bit more than Sroch last night. I am about to have my first caffeine of the day, but surely not the last.

It is wonderful to be home. I cannot think of anywhere besides here we'd be as comfortable as my parents' and inlaws' homes - but that said, it is great to be back to our own beds, toilets, kitchen (not that there's anything in it), and so on. But we had a wonderful time in America.

The culture shock I have the more I realize the differences between America and Israel - brought out most when I walk around those neighborhoods and look at the houses, or go grocery shopping - still leads me to the same comforting conclusion: Israel is the place for us. Oh sure, I'd love a three story house with aluminum siding and big oak trees and a swing set and two SUVs in the driveway... for a while. But I love that when I took Sroch to gan, I passed 13 different people I knew. I love that my home is small enough I know where everything is in it (well, um, pretty much). I love that my children don't take swings for granted. And I kinda love that I don't take finding sweet potatoes in stock in the grocery store for granted either.

Welcome home, us. May our jet lag be brief, our unpacking be swift, our organization be great and our return to schedules uneventful.

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