Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Shulamis: the 18 months old word list

Ehpay - (formerly 'eigo') airplane

Sahss - (formerly 'gox') socks

Sues - shoes

Agee! - again

Mo / mohr - additional quantity requested, thank you

Appa - apple, or possibly any other fruit item, including occasionally...

Nana - banana

Kikin - chicken

Tsee - cheese

Dhow - down, as in "put me dhow"

Unh! Uhn! - up, as in "pick me up"

Nah - now

No - I don't want that now even a little bit, thank you! (However, if you ask, "Shulamis, do you like to say no?" she points to her nose. Delicious.)

Hat - hat

Tee, nose, teak, ed - parts of the face

Toes - our favorite body part on self and others

Elmo - little red furry monster or your elbow

OOKIE!!! / ookie - Cookie Monster / just a cookie

Caht / Iitty caht - cat

Meoh - what a cat says

Duggie - dog, cow, horse, donkey, sheep, etc

Hochel / Sochel - Sarah Rochel

Abba - Abba, or any bearded male, or any signature Abba item, such as a talis

Mommy - Mommy, or my shetyle

I - herself. Isn't that impressive?

Bubbie / Zayde - Bubbie / Zayde

Sata / Baba - Savta / Saba

Llama - not herself, but the four-legged animal. Of course.

SENTENCES! Last shabbos Shulamis made two whole sentences, "I wan Hochel?" and "Wanmore nah." Impressive, no?? Beyond.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful, we are so proud of all of you. P.S. Hebrew words include - if we remember correctly - Osh ( rosh-head), Toda ( thanks) and maybe more since Pesach...Love and kisses, Sata and Baba