Sunday, May 02, 2010

Hair - Sroch

or, "why a mommy with scissors on Lag Baomer can be a scary thing."

Darn impulsiveness! Will I ever outgrow you?



Hmm... when the hairdresser said it was easy to cut curly hair because the curls were 'forgiving' of minor aberrations from a uniform length - she didn't factor in a little girl intent on playing with the curls falling from her head, i.e. who kept moving. Hmm. Something tells me an indulgent grandparent or two may now permanently offer to sponsor taking her head to a professional.

BUT it's still plenty long enough for a ponytail, and the ends were getting straggly and needed a trim. Just the "one inch off" turned into "two or maybe two and half inches off" - which please, I recall happening to me at actual hairdressers' all the time...

It's still darned cute:

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