Sunday, May 16, 2010

PESACH (finally!)

A review of salient Paschal Trip 2010 points:

  • We survived the 24 hours (door to door!) of travel to Houston. Sroch especially liked having her own 'computer' on the plane. She liked to watch several of the kids shows without sound, and spent hours playing Memory with her Abba. Neither slept a great deal, making jet lag almost non-existent (almost) since everyone was so dead upon our late night arrival.
  • In Houston, we visited the great-grandparents (yay!) and great aunt and uncle and cousins (yay!), went to the Houston Zoo (yay!), went to the Children's Museum (yay!)... and had a lovely time.
  • In NY, we had yuntiv. Lots and lots of yuntiv. (Diaspora Jews, come ON!) And shabbos too! But it was all lovely and filled with wonderful family and food (as yuntiv should be), AND we went to the Old Bethpage Village Restoration (yay!) (sheep!), went to the Long Island Children's Museum (yay!), did some shopping, went to the Plainview library only three times (I think), saw my friends Naomi and Michelle and even wound up seeing Courtney (yay!) and really, it was great.
  • How was seder? Llama slept through them, Sroch was wonderful and appropriate and got tons of candy, Yoav's innovative poker chip scoring system was great, and the matza was lean and fresh - it's so perky, I love that. Item: Sroch's favorite foods are now boiled potatoes and boiled eggs dipped in salt water.
  • Flight home was thankfully uneventful, and both kids slept quite a bit. I did let Llama sleep on the floor at our feet for three hours or so, but I will point out as a safety precaution when they turned on the seatbelt light I would bend over and hold my hand over her sleeping self - clearly guaranteed to protect her in case of a sudden plummet. Yeah, well, whatever.
Pictures! And hopefully in a day or so, I'll blog about all this other crazy stuff going on, like the fact that Sroch's bed has been dry for almost a full week (BLI AYIN HARA!!!!) and I stopped nursing my little now-19-month old baby!!


babybean said...

It's good to see that the Llama took one positive thing from her and Brendan's playtime. Boots are definitely more fun that shoes! Hehe. It's so funny cause he'll let his cousin Blake play with "his" toys. Maybe he just doesn't like girls right now. Silly toddlers!

Miriam the Mommy said...

I think you will be perfectly okay with him not liking girls for a long time yet! :)

Did you see the picture I uploaded of Brent and Brendan on Facebook?