Friday, June 18, 2010

Oh poop

As is our mantra here at 'Ah, the Druyanity', any poop is good poop. Which is why I'm delighted to bring you these highlights from the land of bodily functions...

1) Sroch's 'accident' issue is actually much, MUCH improved since I took her to the doctor, although the doctor did nothing and indeed, the doc and I spoke in very non-toddler medical terms, so I didn't even think Sroch absorbed much of what we were saying. Ha ha - I should know better. Whether it was because of that or just something finally switched back on in her mind or body, thank God, bli ayin hara, she's doing better night and day. Not perfect, but she is causing a lot less laundry.

Fortunately, the slack is being taken up nicely by...

2) Shulamis, who I just bought size 5 diapers for, because frankly, I'm tired of the laundry.

Along the same lines...

3) Two days ago Shulamis was eating in the high chair, stopped, and distinctly made an umcomfortable sound and said, "bawrn nwnona poop." Amazing! So we took her out of the high chair, and indeed, she fulfilled her promise to bawrn nwnona some poo.

Now I know, gentle reader, that this may be a little more detail than you'd like, but the exciting thing isn't so much the poo (although poop is always exciting) as the communication skills!

4) Speaking of which, this week I was changing a diaper, and as I removed the soiled one, Shulamis clearly said, "hello tushy." Aw, she's been listening to me all this time!

She's really getting her body parts down very nicely, although I regret to inform you she wasn't taught her patellas, phalanges, sternum and so on by her father.


5) This morning (back to poop) Shulamis had a massive leaky diaper incident in her crib, so I really must go, as the extra two loads of laundry this morning threw off my schedule a bit (but at least she got her bath for shabbos already!). Good shabbos to you all, and may Hashem continue to let all of our bodies work properly, amen!

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