Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cha cha cha cha cha changes...

(With apologies to the Goblin King)

Item one: Took Sroch to the doctor on Thursday to check out a persistent cough (just fine, thank God) and doc finds she's lost weight and not grown in the last month. Booger. Doc shmoozes Sroch out about eating more, I do the same, and start putting chocolate chips in her Cheerios once again. For shabbos I bought her a bag of those completely misnamed 'American' peanuts, which she ate. Yay fat!

For one of us. Pity the girl hates to eat alone, crunch crunch.

Item two: She starts camp tomorrow (today? It's late!). Her counselor is the daughter of one of the childhood education experts in the neighborhood. Score. Llama will be going to Sroch's old afternoon teacher for two weeks of 'camp', and when I say 'camp' I mean 'whatever I could find for her while her metapelet is on vacation but I'm sure she'll love it, gulp.'

Item three: No, I still don't know where Sroch is going to school next year (next month). I'll explain... No no, too long. Let me sum up:

Sep 09: Sroch attends school A in school A's location (location X).
Nov 09: School B gets new location (location Y) on our block, allows A to use it for the year since A already has a classful of girls from our block. Sroch continues to travel for afternoon care down to X three times a week.
Jan-Apr 10: Much speculation about what next year will be - A in Y, A in X, B in Y, QWERTY in JKL, etc.

I won't bother you with more, but suffice to say, Sroch will either be in Y with B (which I don't want) or X with A (which I do, because of the afternoon program, but only if they keep all our girls together, of which there are about 15 who also want A instead of B). What will she do if she's in B for afternoons? No idea. B claims they will have an afternoon program down the block (Y prime) but only if enough girls sign up, and A and B are still trying to work out if they're really zoning the neighborhood or not which is mildly preposterous since this is a private school system, and, oh, oy vey.

Fortunately, at least Llama's schooling is all set for next year!




Item four: Llama's metapelet who we love and who has been another mother to my girl just announced she's moving in October. (This after I had just given her a big candy/chocolate thing as an end of the year gift. I restrained from asking for it back. Barely.)

Now, she'd LIKE to move in the neighborhood, stay on the block. Hyperventilate, hyperventilate. But she hasn't found anything yet. Hoo hoo haaaah, hoo hoo haaaah. You see, I picked Llama's gan for next year because it was ACROSS THE STREET from the metapelet, who could then be HER afternoon program, where she'd be happy (see second mother comment) and get good food and a nap and all those things, and now SHE MAY NOT EVEN BE WITHIN WALKING DISTANCE and Llama at 2 will be a little too young to take the bus alone.

Heee heee heee hoooooo. Heee heee heee hoooooo.

Item five: Hashem is still running the world. He hasn't let us down yet, and he never will. Solutions will be found, Hashem will provide, my children will be fine and educated and, despite Sroch's claim today that she doesn't "ever" want to learn to read, they will get there.

And not be axe murderers.

Or grow up addicted to butter.

[whimper, whimper]

So.... know of any apartments for sale on my block? Occupancy October?


Tea N. Crumpet said...

My children with my husband, who is rather portly, did not gain weight as babies and I was under some serious pressure until with #8 their doctor said that she had gotten all the records together and found them to be on the same exact chart for weight gain. As I am slender and my husband is not tall for a man, she said she took me off the status that I had been on for years and to just bring them in for well baby checks. It was a huge relief.

The pressure that we put on them to eat-eat-eat is terrible, but I was doing the same thing!

Miriam the Mommy said...

Thank God, I'm not pressuring her too much - just giving her chocolate chips in her cereal and thick, thick butter on bread. And if she plays with it - I'll still take it away!