Friday, July 02, 2010


Last night, for the first time, we had this from the little Llama:

(points at belly) "Belly. Mine. Belly. Lamis belly."

LAMIS!!! She has identified herself!!!! This is a big deal!

In general, she is Big. Like so grown-up... two days ago she had her first tantrum, and I'm talking irrational, walk over to toys and books and throw them on the floor in angst, throwing self on the floor, kicking and screaming, and not even asking for her pacifier. And she talks all the time, although, alas, I cannot always understand her, because her babble is a combination of English, Hebrew and, occasionally, French.

I need to write all about Sroch's end of the year (only cried through half the party!) but I've received complaints from my father that I needed to blog something now (no one else complains because it seems no one else reads them. Ahem. You're all fired). So here, have some gratuitous photographs, in post number two.

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