Sunday, July 18, 2010


Last week, I was telling some friend about how nicely my girls go to sleep, specifically Srochel for her Friday and shabbos naps, and Llama at night.

Ho ho. Ho ho ho. Ho ho!

Needless to say, Sroch was a mess when it came to her Shabbos nap and she's been pulling lots of, "Why do you always hold Lamis FIRST?! I want you to hold ME first! You NEVER hold me first!" and so on. (Fortunately, her Abba has been around a lot, and he's way better and bedtime-stall extrication than I.)

And Llama... Llama has decided that, much as she loves her shloof, it's a lot more amusing to make Mommy cover her eight skabillion times and cry whenever she leaves the room. Tonight, attempting to avoid that, I stayed in the room (Sroch pacified with her mp3 player) and sang to Llama from the recliner... And my darling little baby who is daring to think about turning 2 (in - gasp! - three months!) stood up in her little blue shorts and 'Eat Sleep Poop' shirt and stomped around the crib like Godzilla (the toddler years) going "arrrr" and crib surfing with arms out (her stomping was enough to make the crib on wheels move back and forth across the floor).

Arrr, indeed.

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