Monday, July 05, 2010

Sroch's gan party, in her own words*

*Okay, not REALLY her own words, cause she's like, you know, asleep. Thank God. But these WOULD have been her own words, and gosh, I should know, because I hear many, many, MANY of her own words daily, and especially nightly. At bedtime tonight, for example, she finally answered a question I've asked many times as follows:

"I come into your bed in the middle of the night because I like for you to listen to everything I want to say."

Anyway, here ya go. As you'll surmise (maybe), the 'theme' of the performance was dreaming of the future, what profession to be, and the main milestones of life, being "baby," "kallah" (that's bride for those of you who read this blog only once every year or two), and of course, "savta." I think the real Savta (who got to attend) was somewhat bemused, but undoubtedly complimented when Sroch told her later that she wasn't an OLD savta like they were pretending to be. Phew.

Sroch had her handmotions and most words down beautifully, and was - unsurprisingly - the most perfectest four year old in the room. Unbiased opinion, of course.

And I only cried through half of it.


rebekita31 said...

Esti started camp last week and will start 3 year old play group in September. Gosh, they DO grow up fast!! CRAZY!

Brie said...

those are by far the nicest gan mesiba costumes I have seen.. so cute! may you have a lot of nachas!

Yaffa/Yitz said...

lol at the comments. i agree with brie. i loved the headbands. so adorable.