Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Whatever happened to my blog?

I read some other bloggers - like the brilliant Filth Wizardry and the funny and poignant Bad4Shidduchim, the wise writing-industry advice of Pub Rants, and others.

And I don't know how they have the head space.

It's not that we're doing any less cute things than this post, exactly three years ago today.

Part of the problem may be work, that is, I use my home computer for work, so I'm less likely to drag it out to blog.. maybe. Some of it is Facebook (jeepers! The first time I admit to having it on this blog!), where ideas that used to germinate into blog posts are more likely to be spat out as undeveloped status update seeds.

And - part of the problem is head space. Keeping track of TWO kids worth of cute things they said is HARD. (I should only have such problems, amen.) And also, poor Llama, there isn't the novelty of First Child (TM) - meaning when she learns a Skill, it's one we already know a child is capable of learning, whilst with Sroch a new Skill was like discovering, I don't know, kryptonite.

But I'm a-gonna try (new year's resolution much?) to do better, because I am sad to not have my blog as bloggied.

So here goes!

Oh, and it's totally not my fault I don't have many pictures; the Union of Grumpy Kinderlach (est. 2008) keeps refusing to take nice pictures.

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