Monday, October 04, 2010

Filth apprenticeship

Some recent stuff we've been up to...

1) Craftiness. Due to the influence of FilthWizardry, we have recently
---a) painted the sukkah, as you know
---b) made swords and a geodesic dome out of rolled newspapers
---c) from a second-hand skirt, I made Sroch and her friend ballet skirts and a dress up dress as well.

Here's the swords, dome and skirts.

The dress-up dress I don't have a picture of; it was made by sewing the top of a skirt closed, then cutting out a neck hole and arm holes (the top you sewed closed now becomes the top seam of the shoulders), and giving Sroch permanent markers (aiiieee!) to draw on hearts and butterflies and flowers and a necklace on. I am so brilliant.

I made a diagram for you. Click to enlarge.

Makes a dress for a toddler, or a vest for a grown-up. I would have kept it, except... pepto pink? Methinks not what my wardrobe needs. Also, wasn't exactly finished nicely on the edges, you know?

Now, the swords. Yes, they were awesomely cool, but Yoav does wonder why I chose to make a project that would encourage them to attack each other. Hmm.

As you see, Sroch wasn't nearly as excited about being hit as Llama was about striking (Sroch prefers to use the Bonetti defense from my lap). En guarde, and touche!

In the background, you can see the rolls I was making for the geodesic dome, which I was hoping would be a play sukka of sorts, but it totally failed to do so. But I enjoyed it sitting in the corner of the sukka until it was inspected one too many times by a child. And now all the approximately 2,345 seminary girls we had over (give or take) know what a geodesic dome is.

Pictures of all our trips, etc, during Sukkos vacation still to follow. But here's a preview:


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rebekita31 said...

You must have a LOT of time on your hands if you have the extra time before yom tov (alb eight a one day yom tov followed by chol hamoed and then shabbos - repeat that schedule a week later) to make a geodesic dome! Wanna come over to my house to help me with chores if you have all this extra time "hanging around"?