Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sukkos 2010 (finally)

Here in the land of better-late-than-never, let's talk about Sukkos and What We Did There.

Quick, before I forget.

Baruch Hashem, unlike last year, we were all together, and while we ended up doing a lot of stay-home-and-host-seminary-girls (a LOT - I think we may have hit the limit even for us, and that's saying something!), we got to do some fun other stuff as well.

Davida's Farm is a fairly local elaborate petting zoo farm thingy. Unsurprisingly, Sroch's reactions were mostly timid / scared / clutching / trembling until she was really, REALLY sure all the animals were behind bars (except for the Walking Menace of DOOM (aka the cute farm dog) that occasionally strolled around). She miraculously unbent enough to actually take a pony ride! The best part of that, of course, was two minutes into it when she was able to let go of Yoav's hand, and said to him - "I like it!"

Llama was much more into the animals, despite some confusion over species (I guess an ostrich DOES look like a chicken, if you've never heard of ostriches before). That said, she was surprisingly hesitant to actually touch any of them. Oh well.

We took a tractor ride ("look, we're on a bumpy road going up a hill! Here are some plants! There is a view! Look, we're on a bumpy road going down a hill!" finis), which may not have been so scintillating for adults but Sroch was perfectly happy having that authentic 'farm' experience, and after all, this was about them, not me. :)

The farm wisely had inflatable jumping thingies set up for the kiddos, as well as plant potting (no animals involved) and of course many frozen sugar treats available, which we actually escaped buying any of.

A modern sukkos miracle.

Park Brittania (details on Hebrew link here) is one of the national (ha! Get it? National?) parks (JNF) nearby. We didn't go to do the forest part, just the jungle gym set up at the entrance. We went with mybestfriendRena, and had a lovely time, despite Llama going in her socks (her shoes were mysteriously too small that day, but now they fit again - hmmm...) and me getting two four year olds to use the outdoor, ahem, facilities (for some reason, they were less picky about bark and rocks and such when they were smaller). Anyway, got some great pictures, but you're going to have to wait for the rest of the post, aren't you?

Kalman's engagement party was a delightful surprise, and the girls were delighted to get dressed up and go. Mazal tov to Mamma Nechy, et al!

Kite flying in the local turtle park (named for stone turtle sculpture in park, not actual turtles) (and yes, 'Stone Turtle' would be an excellent name for a band) rounded out our thrilling activities. Especially amusing was watching the ambient children in the park gravitate to my husband getting one kite up in the air and failing to launch the other two broken ones. At least I know he could work as a Pied Piper should education fail us.

Last but not least Sroch got some seminary girls (well, a madricha, actually, who was only keeping one day so had time) to straighten her hair.


I won't even make you wait for the slideshow for that one:

I'm going to publish this now, and will go work on the slideshow, and edit later.

Edit: here it is. You want to see it huge. Click on it and watch it big. Really, they're cute, it's worth it.

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