Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The miseducation of Miss Llama

As I blogged earlier*, I have come to realize that I must make a deliberate effort to talk to and engage my Second Child, since First Child automatically gets most of the volume and direction of our daily time together. "Mommy, right airplanes don't fall out of the sky because Hashem holds them there?" gets much more of a reply than "Airpain! AIRPAIN sky!"

But I realize now how much of Sroch's "advanced-ness" in pure knowledge milestones came from her Single Child status of yore. For example, by 2, she knew her ABC's. Well, Llama can say "ABC" but does not know "DEFGHIJKLMOPQRSTUVWXYZ" (although she started saying "ABC!" or "letters!" when she sees letters on my computer screen). I think we accidentally taught Sroch a lot more, simply because she was there alone to teach. The Single Child gets the ABC books read to them much more often than the Second Child, who hears a lot more of the books likely to be interesting to both parties. And Second Child is more likely to be playing with the toys ostensibly purchased for the older First Child, rather than the 'baby toys.' Thus our playtime conversation is much less of "right, that's the BLUE block, with the letter B on it!" and much more of "right, that's the Abba little man - put him in the dollhouse in the bathroom!"

All still educational, but less focused on quantifiable fundamentals.

(And hey, it's not like Sroch knowing her ABC's for almost three years (!) has gotten her to learn to read yet or nuthin.)

I think I can accurately say the girls are on the same intellectual level, but they manifest it so, so differently. Their different temperments and preferences, their different educations, their different rate of physical growth (clothes go straight from Sroch's drawer to Llama's, basically) - and of course, their different birth orders and family positions are what make them into different people.

Hair color of course plays a major factor as well.

Anyway, it's beyond belated (well, 6 weeks or so), but here's the Llama on her second birthday, before Shabbos and then the next day at gan:

ARGH! Blogger picture uploads not working! BUT I TRIED! You will all have to wait. Sorry!

*Don't think I didn't notice that despite writing that I welcomed comments on that blog post, I got NONE.


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Anonymous said...

Dear Miriam, you know that we read every entry on the blog tens of times, and enjoy every description of both S"R especially the pictures.
In fact I start every day -at the computer- looking for news on the blog.
From my observation Shulamis gets plenty of attention and education from her Mom, Abba and her big sister and she misses nothing...
Love, Savta