Sunday, December 26, 2010


....and last night, two weeks and three days after we returned from America, Sroch slept through the night.


Llama has been sleeping well for a while now, including some 13 hour nights. So THAT's where all the sleep in this house has been going!

Now have a random picture from my eldest's Chanuka party in school. And as for pictures on our trip...

grandparents and uncle, could you send some? I didn't take a SINGLE ONE with my camera. #MommyFail

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Making up is hard to do

Good news: with ibuprofen, Llama is perfectly fine.

Good news: when Abba is late getting home with a flat tire and Mommy has to lock herself in the bathroom, the children are capable of taking care of themselves.

Bad news: the children are capable of taking care of themselves.

Good news: this was the 'toy' makeup we had in stock from Mommy's Cache of Things to Occupy Children During International Transit, and not something I would ever want to use personally. Although, hmm, I never considered nostril-stick, to say nothing of forehead gloss. I'm such a fuddy duddy.

Llama sick day

Poor little bunny. I guess I didn't take my antibiotics fast enough.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Life moves pretty fast

If I don't stop and blog once in a while, I may miss it.


I have been hiding.

Can you blame me?

Between planning the US trip, taking the US trip, returning, recovering and so on - is it any wonder that blogging has been backburnered? Think about it: Daily life has a stressful point, so quick, write it up for a blog so you can relive the stress AND commit it to internet immortality!

But perhaps I'm being defeatist. There's lots of great things going on. No, really!

  • Llama is talking up a storm these days. Except for when she's tired or anxious, in which case she does a lot of pre-talking pointing and kvetching. Nu nu. I've been known to do that myself, sans pacifier.
  • Llama can now count to ten, only occasionally skipping 5. And she sings her ABZs with great aplomb, if perhaps lacking some accuracy.
  • Sroch succeeded in not getting thrown out of her ballet class today. Hey, this is a big deal. This was my conversation with the teacher last week:

Teacher: "I'm about ready to kick her out of the class."
Me: "Do you think she's just too young for this?"
Teacher: "No, she's plenty mature. Usually by this point, the girls understand it's more fun to do the dancing properly than to do their own thing - and she just wants to do her own thing."

Hmm. Discipline. Not our strongest point. But the gravity of her actions was explained to her today, and Sroch rose to the challenge and did excellently. So we're holding a good thought. Imagine the challenge of such an expulsion on her Permanent Record! (And yes, I'm still worried about that 8th grade suspension still on my record.)
  • It rained two weeks ago, over three inches in my backyard alone. Yay! Of course, we still need lots, lots more.
  • When the Sinus Incursion of Bacterial Doom began two days ago, I was blessed to have antibiotics in the house - yay! Of course, 24 hours after starting them, my throat is starting to hurt. What's up with that?
  • Other good things... oh, yeah, we went to America! Target and Walgreens report stock increases of over 5%.
Seriously, our trip was quite lovely. My flights with the girls (sans Yoav) were long and long, but - thank you drugs! - were manageable. The girls slept some of the time (see drug comment), and were really quite reasonable the rest of the time. Passerby were quite nice and solicitous, offering help and comments on the utter adorableness of my children, and we made it intact and all still speaking to each other.

The return flights with Yoav were also alright, despite US Airway's rerouting us painlessly through Newark (btw - utter endorsement for US Airway's Israel line - comfortable planes, very nice peoples, etc). They were alright because of a) drugs, but more importantly, b) Yoav, who sensing my Total and Utter Proximity to Losing It, took the girls in hand and sat with them in one row, letting me chill and read my Kindle and doze - alone. I was just about not coping, so it was really a chessed on his part.

In general, the combination of Spirited Srochel (doing some 4.75 year old authority testing lately, driving me mad) and Lack of Sleep from working on the girlies' jet lag brings out the worst in my parenting skills. Twas a memorable night last week (?) when 3 AM found all three women in the house crying, screaming and stamping their feet. Sigh. Sleep = good.

Anyway, our time in Houston was wonderful, with Bubbie and Zayde and Saba and Savta who came too, as well as Uncle Micah the Wunder-Uncle and Paw and Ganger and Prices and Beans and so on of course. I wish we could have stayed longer.
  • Another good thing: work didn't fire me for pretty much hibernating in Houston, not spending the couple hours a day on work that I was sure I would. In retrospect, yeah right.
  • Another good thing: I only forgot an entire drawerfull of clothing in my parents' house. Sleep. I should really look into it.
  • Finally, the best thing - my daughters. When they are bad, they're horrid, but when they are good (read: have slept) they are so very good and delightful and yummy. I continue to thank God for them on a daily basis.

Item: when I first fell sick and was laying in collapsed state in the recliner in the girls' room, Sroch solicitously brought me my slippers (unasked!), a blanket to cover me, and then asked, "do you want a book to look at?" Later she offered to read me a book, so I picked one and she sat with me and 'read' to me the entire thing, whilst I dozed in happy contented (ill) mommyhood. Aw.

They really are the best.

And here is proof: Sroch loves to compose her own songs, although sadly they don't usually keep longer than one singing (i.e. she can't replicate them later, but she'll happily make up a new one for you). Undaunted, Llama does the same, although Llama's video features two Chanuka songs, the latter one where the dreidel falls asleep, but the former the classic, timeless song about a dreidel made of 'play':

Friday, December 10, 2010

the jet lag chronicles

testing... testing...

Testing my blogging ability from my new Kindle.

I have ample opportunity to do since this is the girlssss secon twp thirty A M play session. In a row.