Saturday, January 22, 2011

ABC -> N-E-T

Llamush has finished her antibiotics as of this evening, thank you God. She's made a wonderfully efficient, full recovery (no more fever after the first dose - we continue to thank God for mold) and besides sleeping a bit more than normal, she's showing little sign of her brush with pneumonia or bronchiowhosits or whatever it was.

Insert public acknowledgement of Hashem's greatness here ___.

Verily do I miss the days of my parenting deliberations being on the topic of which stroller, which car seat, which pair of Robeez (remember that? Good times. We actually ended up with the giraffes, but I digress). Our current dilemmas include:

The Llama Schooling Dilemma
Being an October child, Llama could go in two directions for her schooling. Either when first grade comes around, she could be 5-almost-6, or she could be 6-almost-7. This works earlier as well, meaning for next school year, I could stick her into gan 3 as 2-almost-3, or wait a year and she'll be 3-almost-4. Basically, to be the oldest or the youngest. That's one consideration.

Another consideration is if I choose to hold her back, which year do you repeat? Send her to gan 3 twice? Or kindergarten (gan 5) is an option, a very common one. Lots and lots of kids in the neighborhood repeat that year, the disparity between the type of workload and teaching in gan 5 vs. first grade being extreme. So I could push off the issue until then (and let her kindergarten teacher tell me then if Llamush is ready for first grade or not). BUT I don't know what kind of person Llama will be by then. Sroch, in the same situation, would be devastated not to 'graduate' to first grade, since she's been asking to move up since, um, she was 3. BUT if I prep Llama, if when I explain school I say "some girls do gan chova once, and some do it two times" especially because that's really true - then that issue can be discounted. Maybe.

Which brings me to - is Llama ready for gan 3 now? Well, the answer is of course no, she's not NOW. Will she be in 8 months? Who knows? But NOW is when I need to make the decision! Enrollment is now!

Except, of course, it's not. The Ministry of Education has announced they are cutting subsidies for gan 3 and 4 in our area, so our tuition for 'real' school (vs. someone's living room) would be about 800 NIS/month, as opposed to the 160 NIS/month we pay now.

Ha. Ha ha. HA HA. Not. So enrollment is on 'hold' while the schools and citizens negotiate and plead, and the schools decide if it's even worth it to hold those classes.

So why send to gan 3? Just send her for another year of private gan, right? But there's the other issue: tzaharon. The 'real' schools often have afternoon problems -
'private' almost never. So we could transfer her midday, like we do now. But do we want to do that?

We could send her to full day at her current tzaharon, although that school is moving a couple blocks away, and and and and and ARGH!

This is not even touching on issues of toilet training, which language gan to send to, and so much more.

In the end - God is running the world, and will send us the right answer. But right now, when I'm still in the 'waiting to receive the right answer' stage - it's hard. To mix my metaphors, I'm shooting fish in the dark, or something like that.

The Sroch Scheduling Dilemma
This actually is a no-brainer now that I figured it out. :)

Three days a week, Sroch goes to tzaharon. The other two days she has ballet on one of them, a rotating 'chug' on the other.

She used to fuss and fuss about ballet (since she almost got kicked out, though, that's basically stopped), and lately she will not go to 'chug' either.

I was very bothered by this. I find Sroch good, fun activities to do, QED I am a good parent, ergo ipsum factum she should go and be happy and appreciate me.

It was not until my neighbor asked me if Sroch wasn't feeling a little "overscheduled" that my brain clicked though. You see, I was hearing all the words Sroch, my awesome communicator, was telling me - but I wasn't getting the right message.

"Mommy, I don't want to go to chug. I want to stay with YOU Mommy. I don't want to go to someone else's mommy."

Ah. She is telling me she wants more time with her mother, regardless of exciting cookie baking or beading going on at the neighbors'. She wants me, and moreover can tell me about it.

Realizing that she has changing needs (as a 3 year old, she was perfectly content and secure enough to happily play at a friend's every day until bedtime) and learning to listen and stop projecting my own feelings onto her is a work in progress. But it is progressing.

Shulamis is now singing her ABC's with gradually increasing diction and consonant sounds. Moreover, when you correct her - she gets it, and learns it, and got it. Awesome.

Sroch read 'NET' with the Bananagrams letters today, also PET and BET, and UP (her favorite Bananagrams word). She is also writing her name in Hebrew with about 75% accuracy (they practice in gan, which is nice) and her copying of Hebrew or English characters is coming along very, very nicely as well. Yay!

They're great. They're amazing, both of them. Bli ayin hara, as always.

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rugby said...

KI"H! They grew up so much in the last, um AH! half a year plus since I last saw them! I am very excited! Iy''h very soon, when the time is right!