Monday, January 10, 2011

Advances in medical hoo-ha

Item one: Llama had nits last night.

Hyperventilate, hyperventilate.

BUT faith restored in the super duper "Assy 2000" comb, which was so
effacious that when I combed out her hair (we comb out both girls'
hair every night, because I have zippo zero zilch ability to visually
detect the buggies), I actually felt a 'bump' every time we scored a
hit, um, nit with the teeth of the comb. So I combed and combed and
'Lo B'rosh Li' oiled as I always do... and saw no bugs on the comb,
none in her hair, and no eggs left either.

This morning, checked again, and phew, still clean. It works!

The ganenet had sent home a note on Friday that there was an
incursion, so I was braced for it - but still!

Item two: We had a LOVELY, really awesome shabbos (aside: we usually
have fantastic shabbosim, but this past one was exceptionally
wonderful). One girl (a madricha) is taking developmental psych and
speech now, so she was having fun interviewing the Sroch and so on. At
one point, another girl raised an educational point that children
learn from what they see their parents getting excited about (e.g. a
parent who says "I love Torah" but starts jumping up and down with joy
at a new car sends a very specific message to the child). So, we

Sarah Rochel, what makes Abba happy?
Sarah Rochel, what makes Mommy happy?
Kinderlach. (this means all children, but I think she specifically meant her and her sister)
Sarah Rochel, what makes you happy?
Sarah Rochel, what makes Shulamis happy?

Some of the guests had to wipe tears away. I, surprisingly, wasn't
crying for a change, just so, so happy. Phew. It's working! :)

*Llama calls herself 'Lamis,' and so Sroch calls herself that too.
Llama used to call Sroch 'Racha,' so Sarah Rochel, whenever talking to
Llama, refers to herself as 'Racha.' It's very cute how Sroch baby
talks to ease her sister's comprehension. Even more amusing is how
Llama imitates that lilt and tone when she talks to her own peers, as
opposed to her sister or me.

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