Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Loooooong (sick) day

I remember getting the last ultrasounds of my girlies when they were still in utero and saying to Yoav how sad it was, on some level, that I won't get to see their internal organs anymore. Like by the time they were born, I had spent hours looking at live images or print-outs of all their little ribs and femurs and skulls and such.

And, if all went well, I wouldn't be seeing any more pictures like that for a long time.


We have pneumonia. Unless it's bronchiolitis. Whatever, we have a nebby little Llama who's been running close to 104 degree fevers, and when the fever is upon her, her breathing is uggggly. Blood tests were clean, but we're on antibiotics anyway - and this is going around the neighborhood.

Shout out to Saba for Saving The Day, hanging out with Sroch whilst I did the Terem scene with Llama.

It was interesting. While we were at the doctor, and then Terem, I had no like fear or sinking feeling or any doubt that Llamushka would be totally fine and better soon, etc, etc. And she, bless my phlegmatic daughter (not to be confused with being phlegm-atic, which is what she coughs up), she "don't like it!" the examinations and nebulizer, but was also able to chill out enough to fall asleep getting the nebulizer (!). So it was not HARD being with her.

And yet when Yoav came when we were discharged, as soon as I got in the car and officially Stopped Being in Charge, I was shaking and babbling and on the verge of brief hysteria.

They say motherhood isn't for wimps. They be right.

Baruch Hashem, the true rofei cholim! IY"H soon Llama will soon be doing much, much better.


brenda said...

I used to tell Jonathan to smile when they were taking almost daily x-rays of his lungs. He didn't need to know that it was of his insides. With me being pregnant with Yael at the time, I couldn't even be in the room when he was on the table. This too shall pass. Refuah shleimah u'mehira to little Llamush

rugby said...

Dr. Rugby approves of this post.

Brie said...

we had the same ailment.. Miri will make a cameo appearance in gan sometime later today IYH.. Baruch HaShem for antibiotics! Happy to hear that Llama is up and running again!