Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Long Overdue Crafting post, part I

So, I'm not Filth Wizardry. But I have been inspired. The crafty projects I do with the kids (okay, mostly with Sroch) have gotten more elaborate, and I'm frankly proud of the results, even if the process is almost always different than I think it will be.

Previous projects:
Skirts, dress-up dress and swords
Sukkah painting

Tissue paper window:
I think we did this back in October (who's behind in blogging? Not I!). This again is from the inimitable Filth Wizardry post.

My kitchen has two big sliding glass doors. Due to geometry, anyone in the neighbor's yard can see into my kitchen through one of those. So for about a year or so I had the door covered with a big plastic floor cover thing from Llama's first birthday party. Nostalgic, but not exactly decorative.

Enter this project. The idea was Sroch (then a mere 4-and-a-half) and Llama (just barely two) and I could all do it together! So one day while Llama was napping, Sroch and I starting cutting up lots and lots of tissue paper. So far, so good. Then we took our glue roller thingies (that I had gone to three stores for) and attacked the back window.

Sroch was so excited about the chance to shmear glue all over the window she did the whole thing by herself!

Oh, whoops, that's not true. That's what I expected. She actually glued about four pieces on, completely didn't grasp the deliberate overlap-but-not-entirely thing, and then wandered off. Oh well. And Llama just wanted to ruffle her hands through the big basket of paper.

But I had a good time. :)

Finished project in daylight and night, and detail of heart and butterfly motif:

In a few more months, it may be all dusty and gross, and it may die during Pesach cleaning if the splashing cleaning agents get too high. But it's washable glue and tissues, essentially, so it should goo off without too much fuss, I hope. And then we can do it again!

Chanuka menorahs:
I wish I had pictures of these (cough! Uncle Micah cough!). But when we were in Houston for Chanuka, I decided to use the mystical dollar stores that all the online crafty mommas rave about, and find something for my girls to make menorahs out of. Well, Sroch. Llama napped through the whole project.

In the end, we used...
-strange African vaguely religious tribalish artwork wooden plank things for a base, covered with
-contact paper, sitting on feet made of
-little mosaic tiles, with candleholders made of
-little X-mas red, green and gold plastic slinkies, and of course
-foil. Lots of foil. Glue too.

My mom also had gold paint, and teeny-weeny terra cotta pots, just the right size for a Chanuka candle holder. Well, until the heat cracked them. But we made it through the holiday. :)

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