Tuesday, March 15, 2011

At the same time

At the same time as millions in Israel are mourning the slaughtered (for there is no other name for it) parents and three children from Itamar, and millions of people in Japan are living in grave uncertainty and tragedy...

At the same time, God is making my lemon tree bloom.

First bud that bloomed. This year will be, please God, the first year we have edible, permitted fruit from this tree.

And God is making Purim come, and we're making hamentaschen.

God is a way better parent than I could ever be. He can, at the same time, chasten us and draw us closer. Those can even be one and the same thing. The same God makes the tragedies and the flowers bloom.

Wild 'white mustard' flower field.

Do you realize that in the original Purim, meaning when it happened, the day we rejoice on was the day the Jews had to go out and do bloody battle for their very lives? We were the victors, it is true - but we did have to fight.

Sroch re-'reading' Megilas Esther for the nth time, explaining it to her sister.

In the spirit of that...

In the spirit that keeps us fighting...

We're going to give the children the best Purim we can, without any shadow or sorrow.

I hope.

And pray.

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rugby said...

Wait, that flower wasn't there when I left- was it??? Yay blossoms! Iy''h the tree will blossom and be fruitful and everything else too! May it be a good year for ALL of Klal Yisroel!!!