Friday, March 11, 2011


I was going to make some comment about how we didn't fall off the face of the earth after all, except that in light of the global tsunami situation - um, right, it's not a joke.

Scary stuff. As I wrote on the company twitter account, a situation like this makes the world seem very small - and God seem very big.

Anyway, I was alerted (Hi Mommy L!) that apparently I have this blog? Or something? And I should really update it.

SO - B"H we're all fine, just busy. I also had a few days of computer downtime while my unknowingly-illegal copy of Windows 7 was upgraded to actually-legal Windows 7.


  • Llama has turned two. Now, you might think this happened almost 6 months ago. But no, now she means it. As in, we've learned the art of the defiant grin, the petulant no, the stop-on-a-dime-full-body-kvetch and of course the, DO MYSELF!.

  • Oh well. I have no complaints - we got lucky till now! She's also been not wanting to take her daily nap, been refusing foods she used to like and instead waiting for the middle of the night to ask for cheese, been unpredictable and moody - in short, she's been a perfectly normal 2 year old. Bless her heart.

  • Sroch, therefore, has been the 'easy' child the last couple weeks. I mean, let's not take that too far or nuthing, but she's at least easier to reason with.


    Okay, never mind.

  • Quote from Sroch yesterday, showing me a picture she drew: "Here is the etz, and here is the tzipor, it's affing away."

    The thing is, she could have said it all in Hebrew, or all in English. It's fun that with us, she speaks the way she probably thinks, which is in both Hebrew and English simultaneously. As opposed to with most of my friends, that she speaks to in perfect English, or her peers, who she speaks to in fairly perfect Hebrew (better than mine, anyway), or her little sister, who speaks to in English baby talk. Much cute.

  • The wildflowers are out! My lemon tree is budding! Purim is nigh! AND I STARTED PESACH CLEANING<>

    That's wild sorrel from our backyard. Cool, huh? It lasted for like two full weeks inside, and apparently we could have eaten it too.

    Anonymous said...

    Thank you for the update Glad you are all well and looking pretty as a picture as usual Love you guys Mom L

    rebekita31 said...

    We are going through the same thing with Rena....who is in the midst of her terrible twos. But shes been in them since the sumemr! OY! But they are so cute, right?